Rainbow Six Siege leak suggests new co-op Arcade game mode coming soon

Ubisoft / Twitter: RolyNoly1

Didn’t get the chance to try out Golden Gun in Siege? Don’t fret ⁠— a new Arcade playlist called Stolen Goods will be coming to Rainbow Six soon, and it looks to be quite destructive.

The Golden Gun Arcade playlist in Rainbow Six was a throwback to Goldeneye 64 days for many FPS players. However, for the younger generation of gamers, it was a nice change of pace from the ultra-competitive tactical shooter.

While players have had event-specific events like Doktor’s Curse and Rainbow is Magic in the past, Ubisoft are making a commitment to bring more arcade modes in Year 5. Now, we might have just gotten a glimpse of the next one, and if you’re a Buck or Sledge main, you’re going to love it.

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The next Arcade playlist is reportedly taking players on a trip down memory lane to old Hereford Base.

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Rainbow Six dataminer ‘Roly Noly’ discovered the upcoming Stolen Goods playlist on March 25. The new game mode, which is expected to be released in Year 5 Season 2, takes place on a reworked version of the old Hereford Base map.

The reason why it’s reworked is so it can be opened up entirely. Most of the walls, and every single floor on the map is destructible. It’s unclear as to if defenders get reinforcements, but either way, they’ll basically be entirely useless when the entire floor can be opened up.

There’ll also be no metal bars impacting movement, so you can freely drop down between floors if you open them up like breaking open a hatch. It’s basically a dream for all soft-breach operators like Buck, Sledge, Ash, and Zofia, and makes breach charges and impact grenades incredibly powerful.

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The gameplay of the mode itself seems to be heist-based. Attackers will have to complete a series of objectives, including securing safes and extracting hostages, to win rounds.

Given the number of objectives, and the size of the map being pretty small, the team size has reportedly been dropped to just three-versus-three for the game mode. This is to make it harder for defenders to keep track of objectives.

However, for now, this is all speculation, with no news coming out of the Ubisoft camp just yet to confirm whether the mode will be released in Y5S2.

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Aside from this short gameplay leak, nothing else is known about the event. However, as next season approaches, players should keep their eyes peeled.

We will keep you updated with any new information about the Stolen Goods playlist as it becomes available.