Rainbow Six Siege leak reveals new details about upcoming operators


Rainbow Six Siege’s latest season may have only just got underway, but information is already surfacing about the game’s next update and there’s a lot for fans to dig into. 

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The newest season’s operation, Burnt Horizon, only kicked off on March 7 but fans are already clamouring for what will come later in this highly-anticipated year.

Now, a leak has surfaced that claims to reveal more about the two new operators, including what they’ll be able to do in-game, which are set to be added in less than three months’ time with next seasonal update. 

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UbisoftOperation Burnt Horizon added two new Australian operators to the game!

Fans were given an in-depth look into the newest characters with Ubisoft’s Year 4 roadmap for Six Siege, which also showed a rework of a current map – Kafe Dostoyevsky – as well as a brand new map called Outback. 

The leak, which came from ResetEra, firstly claims that the newest attacker will be a Danish operator. However, the name of which is not yet known. The leak also suggests that the Dane will be invisible to cameras and have an ability that operates similarly to Caveira’s Silent Step ability – which, as it sounds, allows her to move without making noise.

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UbisoftUbisoft have laid out the roadmap for Year 4
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The other details in the leak relates to an American secret service operator, who would be the newest defender added to the game.

It suggests that the character will have a ‘special eyesight’ that allows them to bypass flash and smoke grenades. However, details beyond that are slim. 

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This leak is currently unconfirmed but the details do match with what has already been teased by Ubisoft in their Year 4 roadmap and recent cinematic trailer for the popular title. 

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