Rainbow Six Siege: G2 pro claims he could hear casters during Raleigh Major

Alan Bernal
Ubisoft / Bruno Alvares, Ubisoft Brazil

The Grand Finals of the Rainbow Six Siege Raleigh Major were apparently even more difficult for players, as sounds from the casters could reportedly be heard by teams on the main stage.

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The second Major tournament for R6 featured one of the best productions and competitions for the entire esport of 2019 so far. The weeklong event delivered high octane action at every turn as teams faced a grueling grind to come out on top.

While Team Empire was able to take the convincing 3-1 win over G2 Esports in the best of 5, it seems like the final stage of the tournament between the two teams had players fighting both the tournament’s casters – as well as the other team.

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Pengu did not use the sound leaks as a contributing factor for losing the Grand Finals to Team Empire, but did say it was “not normal.”

During his August 21 stream, Danish G2 player Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen spoke on his experience playing in the Grand Finals at the Raleigh Convention Center, where it seems like event-issued equipment wasn’t enough to block sounds as effectively as he’d want.

“We had the opposite experience,” Pengu said. “We were complaining that the headsets didn’t block out enough. Cause at every other tournament we’ve been to, we can’t hear word for word what the casters are saying. At this tournament, we literally hear the casters go ‘Oh they six-pick Castle, they’re playing ventilation bombsite.’ With in-ears that are noise canceling and a headset, we could hear that.”

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According to the player, bringing up the issue to staff on hand didn’t produce an outcome that he would have hoped for.

“And we complained to the ESL admin group,” Pengu said. “And they’re like ‘No, it’s fine. I can’t hear anything.’ We definitely could.”

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It seems like caster sounds could be heard by everyone, even with the players on stage.

Pengu definitely didn’t use this as an excuse for the outcome of the Major – in fact, he even said that his team wasn’t up to form, and that Team Empire had a great outing.

“It’s both teams,” Pengu explained. “So it’s not like anyone gains an advantage. It goes both ways. It’s just that this isn’t normal.”

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It looks like the Raleigh Major was an extreme success for producing a great and fun atmosphere for fans – but it seems like the production could tighten up in some spots for the games happening on stage.