Rainbow Six players outraged over new “cash grab” Outbreak packs


The latest cosmetic offerings from Rainbow Six Siege seem to have rubbed players and fans the wrong way, with some even going so far as to accuse Ubisoft of treating the game like a “cash grab.”

Rainbow Six Siege has one of the most loyal fanbases of any game out there, but new cosmetics pack harkening back to the Outbreak limited time event seems to have missed the mark.

On July 6 the official Rainbow Six Twitter announced they would be giving players the chance to unlock the 50 unique items found within Outbreak packs until July 13. But some people, including former Siege pro Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen, think it’s a little cheap to offer the cosmetics but no game mode alongside it.

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“Wait, so the old skins are out that you can buy for real life currency, but with no game-mode alongside it?” Pengu wrote. “So old content is losing value due to how ‘rare’ the skins were, PLUS it’s just a money grab?”

Instead of just offering the packs on their own, the streamer said he thinks Siege would be much better off bundling them in with the new Extraction game mode, especially since it’s priced as a full game.

“Either re-release outbreak so we can re-experience it and new players can first time it,” the Dane suggested. “OR give people ALL skins upon buying extraction pre-order which is heavily overpriced as it has a AAA game price, but not AAA content or value.”

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Extraction doesn’t come out until September 16, 2021, so fans will definitely be looking for new content in the meantime. But based on the responses to Rainbow Six’s original tweet, we’d say LTE packs without any LTE mode to go along with it, isn’t what they had in mind.

YouTuber Macie Jay seemed to sum up the community’s feelings as well, also suggesting that Rainbow Six offer these cosmetics along with Extraction.

“I think you guys should’ve waited until the launch of Extraction to rerelease these packs and even include a few with a purchase,” Macie replied. “Rereleasing these packs for seemingly no reason has clearly rubbed the community the wrong way.”

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Bringing back the Outbreak event along with the skins might very well have mitigated some of this outrage as Pengu, Macie, and plenty others suggested, but it’s impossible to tell since Ubisoft has already put the packs in Siege’s shop.