Rainbow Six Player Gets Banned for Typing Another Player’s Name in Game Chat

A Rainbow Six Siege player received a 27 minute ban after typing a part of someone’s name in the game chat.

Although it was a part of the person’s online name, the word can also be used as a slur.

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The player who was banned, known as x420hedshoot69o, was typing in game chat to players in the RS6 lobby he was in.

Another player in the lobby had a name that is a common phrase used to describe a weakness, however the first part of the phrase is a double entendre and an ethnic slur towards people of Chinese descent.

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x420hedshoot69o called to this player by the first part of the phrase only, perhaps in an innocent attempt to refer to him shorthand.

After typing in the word, he was immediately hit with a 27 minute ban for toxic behavior.

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Toxicity has been a major issue in Rainbow Six and on July 13 Ubisoft instituted a new program to control it. All game chats are automatically monitored for the use of homophobic and racial slurs.

According to Ubisoft, whenever the system sees a slur, the player who typed it is auto banned for 27 minutes. The ban includes all aspects of Siege, not just public matchmaking.

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A second and third offense will result in a two hour ban. Any incident after the third ban will result in an investigation into the user, potentially leading to a lifetime ban. A human investigation into x420hedshoot69o’s offense would likely result in a new name for the other player.

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In April, Ubisoft’s announced a plan to reduce toxicity by monitoring chats for slurs and auto replacing or censoring them to something else. It appears part of this technology went live since it can detect the offensive language, but this new system lets the slur go through uncensored before the ban happens.

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