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Rainbow Six Around The World battle pass now live: rewards, cost, more

Published: 25/Mar/2020 23:00 Updated: 25/Mar/2020 23:30

by Andrew Amos


Rainbow Six: Siege’s Around The World battle pass for Year 5 Season 1 is now live, and we’ve got everything you need to know ⁠— from the rewards on offer, to how much it’ll set you back.

Operation Void Edge has finally hit Rainbow Six live servers after a month on the TTS, and with it Year 5 Season 1 has begun.

While the focus has been on the new operators, Iana and Oryx, and the Oregon map rework, Ubisoft has also let some details loose about the battle pass for this season, named Around The World.

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If you want to learn more about the battle pass, we’ve compiled everything we know so far so you can make sure to get the most value out of it as possible.


What is the Around The World battle pass?

The Around The World battle pass makes up part of the Operation Void Edge event for Rainbow Six Year 5 Season 1. Just by playing Siege, players will be able to earn experience that goes towards getting special rewards.

There will be a battle pass for every season in Year 5 after the success of the Road To S.I. Battle Pass, with Ubisoft trying to keep content in Rainbow Six fresh.

Rainbow 6 Around The World Dokkaebi Skin
Dokkaebi will be getting a pink-camo uniform.

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How much will the Around The World battle pass cost?

The Around The World battle pass has two tracks: the Free track and the Premium track. The Free track is pretty self-explanatory ⁠— you won’t need to pay a cent to earn those rewards.


The Premium track will set players back 1200 R6 Credits, giving you access to more rewards. For Year 5 Pass holders, this will cost 840 R6 Credits thanks to the 30% discount.

If you decide to buy the Premium track halfway through completing the Free track, you’ll receive all previous rewards from the paid side of the battle pass too.

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How many tiers are in the Around The World battle pass?

There are 35 tiers in the Battle Pass. There are rewards for all 35 tiers in the Premium track, while Free track players will only have access to 15 tier rewards.

This is the same as the Road To S.I. 2020 Battle Pass, which was Ubisoft’s first big venture into the reward system.


Players will need 1,000 XP ⁠— which takes on average four quick matches ⁠— to progress in Around The World pass. You can earn additional experience by completing the eight in-game challenges.

The eight challenges are worth 850 XP each, so they are an easy way to get to the next tier.

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What rewards are available in the Around The World battle pass?

50 rewards are on offer in the Around The World battle pass: 15 from the Free track and 35 on the Premium track.

Rewards will include weapon skins, operator uniforms and headgear, renown boosters, R6 Credits, Alpha packs, and charms.

The free track mostly features charms and weapon skins, although players will get access to two Alpha Packs, a Dokkaebi headgear, a Mira headgear, and an Ash uniform.

The premium track will give you access to full uniforms for Buck, Ela, Valkyrie, Doc, Castle, and Thatcher, as well as the rest of Dokkaebi, Mira, and Ash’s sets. You will also be able to earn back 600 R6 credits if you reach tier 33.


Rainbow 6 Valkyrie Around The World pass uniform
Valkyrie ditches her headdress for a hoodie in her Around The World pass uniform.

When will the Around The World battle pass expire?

You’ll have from March 25 to April 22 to complete the Around The World battle pass. After that, the pass will disappear from the game, and you’ll no longer be able to earn any of the rewards.

If you play a couple of games a day, you should be able to complete the pass in time — or if you’re a bit more desperate, a weekend of grinding should help you reach level 35 in a pinch.