Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard starts JLINGZ esports organization

. 10 months ago
Jlingz esports

Manchester United star Jesse Lingard is officially entering the world of esports, announcing his very own JLINGZ esports brand.

Professional footballers dipping their toes into esports is nothing new at this point. One of the more prominent instances was legendary player David Beckham signed a $19 million deal with Guild esports in 2020.

Now, Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard is getting in the game as well (literally) with his own esports org, acquiring Audacity Esports, and rebranding it as “JLINGZ esports.”

Audacity competed in Rainbow Six Siege’s Ireland and UK National competition, so the team, which competed under the temporary name, “Team JLE,” will as well.

Even though they’ll start out in the UKIN Second Division, Lingard said he wants to eventually create a legacy squad within Rainbow Six Siege and hopefully qualify for the 2022 European Challenger League.

“To finally dive into esports and add my own teams to Jlingz is incredible,” Lingard said. “Esports has everything for me – it’s fast-paced and competitive, the community is amazing and it’s been great to have Ubisoft’s support on this journey too. Watch this space, Jlingz Esports is going all the way!”

Team oNe win Rainbow Six Mexico Major 2021
Kirill Bashkirov for Ubisoft
Who knows? We might see JLINGZ esports at an R6 major in the future.

“We’re thrilled to have Jesse on board and look forward to someone who knows all about competing at the highest level bringing his expertise to the UK and Irish scene,” Will Attwood, Esports Marketing Manager from Ubisoft UK said in a release. “To have someone as well-known and respected as Jesse Lingard involved is a testament to the game’s enduring popularity within the local esports community.”

Like we mentioned, JLINGZ esports will start competing in the next season of UKIN Division 2, which should get started later on in 2021. How will the footballer’s team do? The only way is to watch and find out for yourself.

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