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G2 Pengu explains how Rainbow 6 Siege will become a top-tier esport

Published: 10/Mar/2020 15:30

by Jacob Hale


G2 Esports’ star Rainbow 6 Siege player Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen has explained why he believes 2020 will be the year Siege becomes a tier 1 esport.

Ubisoft’s hit FPS has been steadily growing as an esport in recent years, with progressively growing prize pools, viewership, and interest in the game, which is a difficult task when you’re competing against the likes of CS:GO and Call of Duty.

Now, though, at the start of Year 5, Pengu believes Siege is finally ready to take the reins and become a truly tier 1, global esport.

The Rainbow Six Invitational trophy.
The Six Invitational 2020 had a $3m prize pool – up $2m from the year prior.

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After the global release of the Year 5 update, with the Season 1 Operation being named Void Edge, Pengu took to Twitter to explain why he believes this to be so.


Though he acknowledges that the game “isn’t perfect” because “no game is,” Pengu explains that he “sees great things coming this year,” clearly optimistic at the potential of Year 5.

In a follow-up tweet, he explains that while issues with cheaters and the lack of map bans in ranked are annoying, Ubisoft “has plans in place being worked on to help with these things,” including FaceIT, who will be working on Europe’s pro league and helping to root out cheaters.

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Speaking exclusively to Dexerto, the Dane continued: “[Ubisoft] announced a bunch of features, ideas, reworks, and what they intend to do. The extension of the Pilot Program making Siege profitable for big organizations, long term 4-year goals, splitting with ESL and joining FaceIT.”


“Obviously, there are a few things I know or have heard, but there’s nothing I can really comment on specifically. Ubisoft has been in a limbo of “do we commit or not,” and kind of half-a**ing it, and now they’ve shown and said that they are in it for real.”

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Although Pengu remained tight-lipped on what he has heard about Ubisoft’s secret plans for Rainbow Six Siege, he’s clearly extremely excited and optimistic about what’s to come.

Operation Void Edge is available to players right now, with brand new operators, bug fixes and game health updates looking to bring the game to the forefront of the FPS and esports worlds.