FaZe Clan and Black Dragons accused of match throw in Rainbow Six Pro League

Joe O'Brien
L: Siege.gg, R: Ubisoft/ESL

Rainbow Six: Siege players from FaZe Clan and Black Dragons have been accused of organizing and participating in throws of official matches.

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Siege.gg report that Black Dragons analyst Thiago ‘Thyy’ Nycézio alleges that Black Dragons player Juninho ‘GdNN1’ Nunes made an agreement with his former teammate Ronaldo ‘ion’ Osawa, now a player for FaZe Clan, to throw their April 10 match in the Pro League Season 9 Latin America. 

In return, FaZe would allegedly reciprocate by throwing when the two meet on June 30 in Brasileirão 2019.

The alleged throw on April 10 saw multiple disconnections by Black Dragons players, ultimately ending in a forfeit, granting FaZe Clan a 7-0 win.

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At the time of the result, FaZe Clan were contending for a spot in the international Pro League finals, while Black Dragons were already out of contention. FaZe Clan ultimately secured the top spot in the Latin American league, also winning their final two matches after the game against Black Dragons.

In Brasileirão 2019, meanwhile, FaZe Clan have already locked in a playoff spot with two matches left to play. As of May 24, Black Dragons sit in fifth place, just behind the top-four qualifying spots, and themselves have three matches left to play.

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In support of his allegations, Thyy has released two audio recordings. The first reportedly features an argument between Thyy and GdNN1 about the FaZe situation, and while the throw is never referred to explicitly, GdNN1 does state that “I’m tired of only doing the right things and getting fucked.”

The second recording features a conversation between Thyy and Black Dragons player Pedro ‘pzd’ Dutra in which it is implied that GdNN1 deliberately unplugged his internet cable to cause a disconnect.

Thyy also states that the “rest of the evidence” has been sent to Ubisoft directly.

In response the allegations, Black Dragons have fined GdNN1 for his attitude in the leaked conversation, and are suspending him from active play until the alleged throw has been fully investigated.

GdNN1 put out a statement in which he admitted that the team did not take the match seriously, but claims that this was by their own volition and not part of a deliberate, organized throw.

FaZe Clan ultimate finished in the top four at the Pro League Finals.

Ubisoft, who operate the Pro League in partnership with ESL, have yet to comment on the situation.

The accusations come at a difficult time for FaZe Clan, as the organization is currently embroiled in controversy over a lawsuit filed by Fortnite Battle Royale star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney over an allegedly “oppressive” contract.

FaZe Clan have yet to comment on the allegations against their Rainbow Six players.