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Lando Norris swaps F1 cars for buses in hilarious online race

Published: 27/Nov/2020 16:25

by Kieran Bicknell


Lando Norris is best known for his talent in Formula One, but he is also an avid streamer and gamer. In his November 25 video with Team Quadrant, he swaps his usual F1 car for something altogether more utilitarian, with hilarious results. 

Monaco is famous as one of the most difficult and dangerous Formula One circuits on the F1 calendar, but Lando and Team Quadrant decided to make it even more difficult by changing their vehicles during a hilarious race.

Gone were the traditional open-wheel Formula One cars, and in their place were three British double-decker buses. Playing on Assetto Corsa, players are able to modify the game by adding new vehicles and circuits, with predictably strange results.


Lando Norris bus racing team quadrant
YouTube: Team Quadrant
Team Quadrant racing buses around Monaco must be one of the strangest uses of the iconic track we’ve ever seen.

Lando races double-decker buses at Monaco

Switching his usual McLaren-liveried car for a bright green bus with custom Team Quadrant graphics, Lando and the rest of the team took on Monaco circuit.

On the first lap, it was clear this wasn’t going to be an ordinary race. From the ridiculous image of double-deck buses traversing the iconic hairpin to predictably hilarious racing, the video is a barrel of laughs from start to end.

Highlights included Lando overtaking a number of crashed competitors, then plowing straight into the concrete barrier ahead; While at one point, teammate FNG was racing blind as he had “no idea where he’s going” due to not being able to see past the bus in front.


FNG (Niran) then somehow pulled off the most hilarious moment of the game, and managed to glitch the bus to be stuck on top of the trees. It seems that he didn’t mind this though, as in the comments he said “I maintain the interior design work on these buses was quite frankly delightful.”

SuperGT (Steve) surprisingly managed to get into the unusual situation, despite having to go “full lock” on the steering around almost every corner.

In the end, FNG was able to get within 2/10 of a second of Lando’s qualifying time, though unsurprisingly, Lando took the overall win. Steve was practically neck-and-neck with Lando across the line though, so if there was ever a real-world Bus GP at Monaco, it might be closer than you think!