YouTuber finds rare Pokemon card sets at Walgreens and nobody knew they existed

Pokemon TCGYouTube: PokeRev The Pokemon Company

YouTuber PokeRev went to Walgreens in an attempt to find mystery Pokemon booster packs hidden inside Walgreens’ exclusive products.

In a YouTube video posted on October 17, YouTuber PokeRev made a visit to Walgreens to search for some rare Pokemon cards. According to the content creator, Walgreens sold something he calls mystery packs.

These are packs contained in some of Walgreens’ Pokemon card products, hidden inside the packaging without any identification outside of the box. Therefore, buyers cannot tell which booster packs they’re purchasing.

“I don’t know if you can get like old school packs in there, or if it’s gonna be a complete scam,” he said in his video.

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Eager to satiate his curiosity, the YouTuber purchased some Pokemon cards.

PokeRev opens mystery Pokemon cards

PokeRev didn’t find the exact product he was looking for at Walgreens, but there were still plenty of other new things to buy.

One of the purchases included a Virizion V Showcase box, which had three mystery TCG booster packs. After opening the box, he discovered the three packs in this particular box were two Lost Origins and a Sword and Shield base.

“I’m actually shocked to see that. Yeah, you don’t typically see these in new products because it’s the original Sword Shield Set,” he mentioned in the video.

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Though the Sword and Shield set was a rare find, they’re only valued at $3. The product disappointed the collector. “$20 for this is not a good deal, I would not pay for this,” he stated.

Though there is a chance to pull a high-value card, PokeRev didn’t recommend buying the Walgreens mystery card packs in the end.

The other mystery sets he bought all fell under the same boat. In essence, though they were technically rare, the mystery pack products all ended up not holding a high enough market value to justify the $20 price point.