Why the latest Pokemon Master Collection leak is probably fake

There have been rumors that a new Pokemon Master Collection game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2021. The latest leak showing a listing of the game is in all likelihood fake, though.

A reported screenshot of Pokemon Master Collection appeared on the Game UK website showing a template cover and a short description. It was even listed as £49.99 (around $60) to pre-order.

“This masterful collection includes three classics, Pokemon Red version, Pokemon Gold version and Pokemon Ruby version.” This is a red flag in itself as it is questionable why they’d release just these versions of each generation. Even if each generation was limited to just one game, the third instalment – Yellow, Crystal, etc – would make more sense.

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Pokemon Master Collection GAME UKOriginal source unknown
Pokemon Master Collection appeared on the Game UK website, or so it would seem…

The description goes on to talk about starting in Pallet Town although the listing fails to capitalize the P in Pallet Town. Mistakes like this can happen of course but it only further takes away from its already questionable credibility.

There’s then another error with the word “experience” being misspelled. What’s really strange is that even if this were definitely fake you’d think the person writing it would have taken the time to check their writing.

No evidence of the listing

These aren’t even the biggest giveaways of it being a fake, though. Renowned Pokemon trainer Joe Merrick checked Google cache for evidence on that specific page and was unable to find anything.

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He also goes on to question whether the Pokemon Master Collection is real at all. “The master collection rumour also started after a Twitter account said people hosting on Mario All Stars would be grumpy with Pokémon. They have also since confirmed they meant the SWSH DLC retail bundle,” he shared on Twitter.

Unfortunately there is little evidence suggesting that this particular listing is real. However, that does not mean the Pokemon Master Collection game itself is fake.

At this stage we don’t know either way but hopefully we find out more information soon. 2021 is shaping up to be a huge year for the Pokemon as it is the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

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