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Why Pokemon Go trainers don’t want new species added

Published: 26/Mar/2020 18:26

by Paul Cot


For the first in Pokemon Go history, trainers don’t want Niantic to add new Pokemon to the game. This might sound strange but the reason actually makes a lot of sense.

Ever since the mobile game released in 2016, new species have been regularly added. This keeps the play fresh and gives trainers a reason to keep catching those Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is currently in the middle of the Gen 5 rollout where, as of writing, 101 of the 156 have been released. On March 25, the official Pokemon Go Twitter account teased another addition but this time some trainers were far from enthused.


Pokemon Go Tease Gothita
It looks like Gothita will be the next Gen 5 Pokemon to be released into the mobile game…

Update: Gothita has since been confirmed. It will be coming to Pokemon Go on March 27, 8am local time.

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Stay inside

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll be aware of the global health crisis. The threat of the virus has changed people’s thoughts on going outside, let alone to go Pokemon hunting.

With more and more countries entering a state of lockdown, playing Pokemon Go (at least outside) is far from advisable right now. This is why some trainers aren’t pleased with Niantic’s latest tease of a new Pokemon.

“Now is NOT the time to release new Pokemon!” Mark L replied on Twitter. Further debate ensued within the replies with some trainers correctly noting that Niantic have been very proactive in making Pokemon Go playable from home.


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However, others argued that the heavily discounted Incenses and increased spawns actually encourage players to go outside and play. This is true, to some extent. Unfortunately there will always be an irresponsible few that ignore the advice.

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“That doesn’t stop irresponsible people from going out and helping spread the virus. We don’t need to encourage them further by releasing new Pokemon,” Who Dis argued. The topic of Raid Battles continuing was also brought up but five-star Raids will surely be canceled soon.

It looks like Pokemon Go will continue to adapt to current events and that new Pokemon will still be released. Niantic have demonstrated they are doing their best to encourage trainers to play from home, and we can only hope this is acted upon.