Viral Pokemon TikTok shows shiny hunting has gone too far


A TikTok has gone viral showing off just how intense the grind is for trainers looking to collect shiny Pokemon.

Catching shiny Pokemon is one of the most rare and exciting events in all of gaming. Pokemon has designed the shiny system so that players don’t often encounter them, and yet, these “shiny hunters” are determined to grind until they have every shiny possible.

One TikTok user showed off just how serious their shiny hunting setup is, which involves tons of different systems and complex hardware.

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shiny metagrossThe Pokemon Company
Shiny Metagross is one of the most creative and cool shinies in the game.

Extreme Pokemon shiny hunting

TikTok user BrofessorsLab, a duo who go by Professor Rex and Professor Tops, are Pokemon streamers whose shiny hunting setup went viral on TikTok for just how intense it is.

In the video the duo show off their 16 GameCubes, 8 Wiis, and 8 GameBoy SPs collection which totals 32 consoles. Each is fitted with wireless WaveBird adapters set to the same frequency so that one controller can control all their movements as they hunt for shinies. This setup allows for them to hunt much faster and easier, massively increasing their chances at a shiny encounter.

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WaveBirds aren’t cheap, either. Getting a ton of adapters for each console alone must have cost the pair a fortune as they often sell on eBay anywhere from $30-$100. This financial commitment shows just how serious they are about collecting shiny Pokemon.

The display cables are all filtered to the same monitor so that when the duo streams the viewers can see all of the displays on one screen. The picture below shows the absolute madness that comes from hunting shinies in multiple games at once.

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Shiny hunting, taken to the next level.

The display also shows how many shinies they have encountered that day, as well as how long they’ve been streaming their hunt. It’s safe to say these two are hardcore Pokemon trainers.

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