Real-life Pokemon Go Pokestop has started giving players 5km egg rewards

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A Pokemon Go fan has created their own Pokestops and shared it with the community, adding real-life 5km eggs that drop from it.

Pokemon Go lets its millions of players interact and capture their favorite monsters in their game, using augmented reality technology. 

Pokestops are locations within the game where once you reach one, you will be given items such as eggs and more Pokeballs to capture more Pokemon. 

A popular Reddit post, from user KatzersCreations, shows the two fans in front of the Pokestop, hitting the button and causing it to drop its game-like eggs.

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Pokemon Go Pokestop wows fans with real-life egg rewards

As Pokestops are normally at monuments or popular locations in your area, some can be suggested to become one.

To do so, all you have to do is send the coordinates to Niantic and the developers will consider it for future map changes. The same can be done for Gyms, too.

Many commenters on the post have asked the creator to nominate it for a new Pokestop that anyone could go out and find.

While developers host events to blend the game with real life as much as they can, this new creation goes a step further for what’s a standard feature in the game – adding a physical element to the virtual experience.

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Some commenters are hoping the idea takes fruition within the company, to incorporate official Pokestops of this kind.

As many other players have created their own Pokéstops in the past, the fanbase makes their own fun and unique ways to support the game.

These two posts showing real-life Pokestops were from different people, yet the Pokestop still runs the same as it would in-game. A button is pressed on the front of the stop, then a small box-shaped like a Pokemon Go Gift will descend from inside, holding a small crocheted Pokémon for the user to keep.

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Whether or not this is something Niantic will draw inspiration from in the future remains to be seen.

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