Pokemon Go trainers install real-life PokeStop in a park and it gives free rewards

A PokeStop with Poke Balls in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go fans have created an amazing real-life PokeStop for players to stop by and visit. The towering, blue recreation even drops presents for players who decide to give it a spin, making it a true treat to see.

Pokemon Go has inspired players to do numerous interesting or creative things. While some fans build cosplays of favorite characters to wear during events, others have spent time building crafts based on iconic items from the mobile game.

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A recent fan project is absolutely staggering, however, as Pokemon Go players have come together to recreate a working PokeStop.

PokeStops are useful for several reasons. They can be Lured to attract wild Pokemon, spun for items and gifts, or battled at when taken over by Team Go Rocket Grunts. However, this real-life PokeStop isn’t just attracting Pokemon, as players flock to see the amazing creation up close.

Pokemon Go fans spin the real-life PokeStop for prizes

In a post shared on the r/pokemongo Reddit board, RealCaptainSteel has shared a cinematic video showcasing the PokeStop players can touch with their own hands.

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The project is impressive, towering over those who get close to it. However, when a button is pressed on the front of the PokeStop, those who visit it are surprised by a tiny box shaped like a Pokemon Go Gift that drops from the base of the spinning disk. In the video, a player opens the box to find a tiny, crocheted Roggenrola as their prize.

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Players in the comments are floored by the project, with seaglass_ commenting “That’s amazing!! I want to push the button so bad haha” and Dairy_Seinfeld adding “I love reminders that this community still gives some of that 2016 energy/feel”.

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The original poster has added “We’re going to try to do every community day in person with the PokeStop! However, we are located in a little city called Kitchener in Ontario Canada (fairly close to Toronto)

One of my goals is to one day tour North America with it for future community days…on day hopefully :)”, indicating the creators want to take the PokeStop on a gameplay tour.

While traveling with a project so big might be a challenge, it is likely the PokeStop would be a hit with any Pokemon Go fans – especially if they get a keepsake prize for spinning it.

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