RayNarvaez loses it after 3000 tries searching for shiny Pokemon

BrownMan / Nintendo

Pokemon streamer RayNarvaez could hardly contain his excitement after finally stumbling upon the exact shiny Pokemon he was searching for – following nearly 3000 attempts to even locate the thing, let alone catch it.

Finding shiny Pokemon is an incredible rarity – in the latest Sword and Shield versions, you have a 1/4096 chance of stumbling upon one every time you encounter a wild Pokemon. This is actually much better odds than that of the Generation 1-4 games, which had a 1/8192 chance.

However, despite the frustration that comes with it, many players commit their time to shiny hunting – or, otherwise, attempting to catch ‘em all in their shiny forms. And that’s exactly what Ray was doing when he finally found just what he was looking for – a shiny Diglett.

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Diglett, and its evolution Dugtrio, arent usually awe-inspiring Pokemon.

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Diglett isn’t typically a Pokemon that elicits crazy reactions. The gen 1 rock Pokemon isn’t particularly powerful and you would rarely find it in any player’s party of 6. That’s not to say it’s entirely useless, but finding it in its shiny form might be the only way you could get excited about your find.

And that’s exactly what Ray did, after around 2760 encounters with wild Diglett, he finally found one in its shiny form, and absolutely lost it as a result.

“Oh my god!” he cried immediately after the sighting. “Oh, yes! Everyone shut up! This is what I’m going to do…” he finished before throwing a Quick Ball at the Pokemon, designed to have enhanced success rates if you throw it early in the battle.

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After catching it, Narvaez simply let out a long, loud “Yes,” clearly delighted to finally have the struggle over with and be adding one more shiny Pokemon to his Pokedex.

He swiftly saves the game after the entire animation is complete, clearly desperate not to lose any progress on his shiny hunt, perhaps the worst way to fail when doing so. He kept repeating “finally, it’s over,” struggling to find many other words, surely just delighted that he could now move on from it.

Of course, this level of frustration and excitement isn’t rare in the Pokemon community, especially not for those who dedicate so much time to finding shinies. After 13 days hunting for a shiny Wooloo, RTGame finally found one and absolutely lost his mind. And if you can get excited for Wooloo, you can definitely get excited for Diglett.

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