Pokemon trainer reunites with long lost pokemon

Pokemon 3dsThe Pokemon Company

After having sold their 3DS years ago to pay for rent, a Pokemon trainer reunited with their long-lost Pokemon stored in the Poke bank, a moment that went viral when they shared on Reddit.

Pokemon in games aren’t just little bits of electronic data. For many, the Pokemon they’ve caught have accompanied them throughout the years. These Pokemon fought alongside their trainer, growing a bond that spanned multiple generations.

Despite the strong bond with their Pokemon, Reddit user tenaztanner sold their 3DS many years ago, and with it, assumed they had lost their beloved Pokemon forever.

“I was a poor college student and had to sell my 3DS to help pay for rent. I grew up playing every game since Red/Blue,” they mention in the post.

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While preparing to sell their 3ds, tenanztanner stored their Pokemon in the Poke Bank. This proved to be a great decision, as it allowed them to reunite with their long lost Pokemon. They sold their 3DS in 2017, and reunited with their Pokemon a solid five years later.

The Pokemon Reunion

One of tenanztanner’s favorite Pokemon was their Empoleon, the water type starter from regeneration 4. This particular penguin joined the Redditor on their Pokemon adventure during 2012, when they rediscovered the joys of of the franchise by playing through Pokemon Diamond.

But on September 25, 2022, the trainer reunites with their Emploleon. Tanner shares the reunion on Reddit, accompanied by a photo uploaded on Imgur.

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pokemon 3dsReddit: tenaztanner
Empoleon waited patiently for the trainer in the Poke Bank

The reunion wasn’t instant, requiring multiple days of communicating with Nintendo to regain access to their original account.

“After a couple days of communicating with Nintendo, I’m told my 3DS is ready reconnect with my original NNID.  I thought nothing of it until I go to re-downloadable content and see Pokémon Bank.”

When the user finally managed to regain access of the account, they opened the Poke Bank and saw Pokemon from their run of Sun were sitting in the PC.

Realizing the recovery was a success, they search for their favorite Pokemon.

“Tears of joy are starting to well up. I navigate a few more pages until I finally see what I’m looking for. Empoleon.”

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Unlike Digital Pokemon, which hold large sentimental value, Pokemon cards hold both monetary and sentimental value.

In fact, they’ve seen more and more involvement in illegal settings, with some even going as far as threatening to kill in order to steal Pokemon cards.