Pokemon TCG players discuss “broken” Roaring Moon Ex

Andres Velez
Draconic Pokemon soaring above Paldea Pokemon Region

Pokemon TC expert says Roaring Moon Ex is “Broken” and supporter “cracked beyond all belief”.

Grant Manley of Pokebeach says Roaring Moon Ex, is “broken”. His sentiments are well founded, and in accordance least with results from Japan’s Pokemon League, this weekend. There, decks featuring Roaring Moon Ex scored more combined wins.

It packs two incredibly potent attacks and a massive base of 230 HP. In addition, it’s in a meta with hardly any grass types and only has a grass-type weakness. The combined result of its incredibly strong moves that allow for an OHKO on anything, its strong typing, huge base HP stats, and deck partners, Roaring Moon Ex is “…an absurd card’.

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Ancient Booster Energy Capsule increases Roaring Moon Ex’s HP to a tremendous 290. This makes it incredibly difficult to take out in one hit. Manley goes on to discuss “Professor Sada’s vitality” and “Roaring Moon Ex’s” main supporter card.

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Manley describes it as “absolutely cracked beyond all belief.” The supporter allows the user to quickly power up Roaring Moon by accelerating energy to two of your Roaring Moon’s and allowing you to draw three cards—all in a single action.

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In conjunction with the Earthen Vessel, an item that allows the player to discard a card and draw two new ones in exchange, players are able to quickly power up and feed their thirsty Roaring Moon.

Pokemon TCG Player Posts List With ‘broken’ card Roaring Moon Ex

A Pokemon card deck list that includes Roaring Moon ExTwitter

In one of the above lists posted via Twitter, a lost zone Greninja deck is shown with two Roaring Moon Ex cards. We see multiple stadium cards which allow Roaring Moon Ex to attack using ‘Calamity Storm’ for an extra 100 damage. Some differences aside it has slotted into this lost zone deck easily.

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