Pokemon TCG player accused of cheating during Malmo Regionals

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon TCG Malmo Regionals

A Pokemon TCG player by the name of Oliver Barnett has been accused of cheating on stream during Malmo Regional Championships.

During the Pokemon Championship Season, various Regional events throughout the world are streamed live on Twitch for viewers at home to enjoy.

It usually goes off without a hitch but for Oliver Barnett, a move he made while on stream during the Malmo Regional Championships has the community talking.

When reaching for his last prize card, Oliver appears to peek at one of his prize cards — prompting many to accuse him of cheating.

TCG Player accused of cheating during final round

During the Malmo Regional Championships, Oliver Barnett was up against Lasse Puisto on stream when the play happened which has others accusing him of cheating.

In the clip, Oliver can be seen going to one of his two final prize cards when he looked at one before placing it back down to grab the other.

Although he felt that the other card would be more useful when making the move, it’s illegal to look at prize cards in the Pokemon TCG without using a trainer card that allows you to do so.

Fans quickly posted the Twitch clip on social media, sharing their thoughts about the alleged cheating in the process.

“If this is not a ban you can literally do whatever you want at events now,” one said.

Another commented: “he just looked and went ‘Nah, I don’t want this one.'”

Neither TPCi nor Barnett has commented on the accusations, but we’ll be sure to update this article should they do so.

In the meantime, head over to our Pokemon section for more news about the franchise.