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Pokemon Sword & Shield Candy guide – EXP, Rare, Dynamax and Nature Mints

Published: 23/Dec/2019 17:34

by David Purcell


Pokemon trainers can get their hands on all sorts of different types of candies in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let’s take a look at how to use them and where to find them. 

The four main types of candy in the Galar Region have been seen before in previous titles. These items are: EXP Candy, Rare Candy, Dynamax Candy and Natural Mints.

Each of these work very differently when applied to Pokemon but are all really useful for those who are looking to evolve members of their team – or simply level them up. So, let’s take a look at all of them one-by-one.


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EXP Candies

EXP Candies can be found in a few size, ranging from extra small (XS) to extra large (XL). Each of these variants will grant the Pokemon it is applied to with different amounts of XP. The larger the size, the larger the amount of XP, basically.

This type of candy can be obtained by taking part in Max Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To enter one, head over to a Pokemon Den in the Wild Area, click A and take on the selected species.

Pokemon / Nintendo
Here’s an example of where to start Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area.

Below you can see how much XP each of the candies offer.

  • XS EXP Candy – 100 XP found in one-star raids
  • S EXP Candy – 800 XP found in one and two-star raids
  • M EXP Candy – 3,000 XP found in two, three and four-star raids
  • L EXP Candy – 10,000 XP found in three, four and five-star raids
  • XL EXP Candy – 30,000 XP found in five-star raids only
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Rare Candy

Rare Candies have been included in Pokemon games since the very beginning and work much easier than any other type of item of its kind.


It will immediately level up your Pokemon after it’s applied to it, saving yourself the calculations needed to see how much XP is needed when using an EXP Candy. These items are dotted all around the Galar Region and if you would like to know where to find them, check out our complete Rare Candy location guide.

They are particularly useful to trainers when they need to evolve a Pokemon and are just one level away from making it happen. For example, using one on your level 15 Grookey would see it evolve into a Thwackey.

Pokemon / NintendoThis Rare Candy farming location is one of the best places to visit in the Galar Region.

One really useful location that you can visit is in the Wild Area, at Axew’s Eye (above). Cross over the East Lake Axewell and once you’re on the island, you will see three rocks on the floor with one shining. Press A while looking at it and you will receive one Rare Candy here per day – meaning you should be able to farm them here regularly.


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Dynamax Candy

Dynamax Candies first appeared in the Galar Region and, just like the EXP Candies, can only be obtained by completing Max Raid Battles.

They are quite rare to get ahold of, but you will only need 10 to fill up your Pokemon’s Dynamax level. This will give it a higher HP bar when Dynamaxed.

Pokemon / NintendoHere’s the official description of a Dynamax Candy.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to jump into a Dynamax form and be eliminated almost immediately, so it’s definitely worth collecting these over time. The good thing about candies appearing in Max Raid Battles is that the more you complete, the bigger selection of candies you will have at the end.


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Nature Mints

Last, but certainly not least, are Nature Mints. An argument could be made for these being the most difficult to get ahold of.

They can be purchased at the Wyndon BP shop, although you do have to complete the game to access them. So, there is something of a grind to be done before unlocking them. Once you have cleared the game, though, it should be simple enough.

For those who don’t know what these mints can do for your Pokemon when applied, we have assembled a list of their uses below.

  • Adamant Mint – Increases Attack, Decreases Special Attack
  • Bold Mint – Increases Defense, Decreases Attack
  • Brave Mint – Increases Attack, Decreases Speed
  • Calm Mint – Increases Special Defense, Decreases Attack
  • Careful Mint – Increases Special Defense, Decreases Special Attack
  • Gentle Mint – Increases Special Defense, Decreases Defense
  • Hasty Mint – Increases Speed, Decreases Defense
  • Impish Mint – Increases Defense, Decreases Special Attack
  • Jolly Mint – Increases Speed, Decreases Special Attack
  • Lax Mint – Increases Defense, Decreases Special Defense
Pokemon / Nintendo
Pokemon / Nintendo
Overall, there are 21 Nature Mints to buy in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  • Lonely Mint – Increases Attack, Decreases Defense
  • Mild Mint – Increases Special Attack, Decreases Defense
  • Modest Mint – Increases Special Attack, Decreases Attack
  • Naive Mint – Increases Speed, Decreases Special Defense
  • Naughty Mint – Increases Attack, Decreases Special Defense
  • Quiet Mint – Increases Special Attack, Decreases Speed
  • Rash Mint – Increases Special Attack, Decreases Special Defense
  • Relaxed Mint – Increases Defense, Decreases Speed
  • Sassy Mint – Increases Special Defense, Decreases Speed
  • Serious Mint – All stats increase at same rate
  • Timid Mint – Increases Speed, Decreases Attack

You can check any of your Pokemon profiles to see which nature they have and how it impacts their battle stats or personality.


These Nature Mints cost 50 BP each from the store and allow a trainer to change the nature of any species of Pokemon, which can be quite useful if you’re looking for – or perhaps even need – a particular profile of Pokemon.

So, there you have it! Now you know where to find each of these candies and what they’re useful for. Hopefully now, knowing what you know, you can have members of your team quickly jump up a few levels.