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Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game leaked and it’s not what fans expected

Published: 5/Nov/2019 21:33 Updated: 5/Nov/2019 22:11

by Paul Cot


The recent batch of Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks has focused on the Pokemon themselves but now details of what the post-game could entail have been revealed.

As usual, if you don’t want to know the Pokemon Sword and Shield lore before you get the chance to play it, then we suggest browsing our other Pokemon news. These particular leaks are very specific and will reveal part of the Galar region’s story.

Galar region post-game

The post-game is described as a mini-campaign which will last a couple of hours. It will explain the origins of the Dynamax phenomenon.

The leak shares the following:


  • The Galar Royalty is upset that you prove the real legendary hero was Zacian and Zamazenta not their ancestors
  • They steal Dynamax Stars and make the Dynamax Pokemon you fight at every gym
  • Then they corrupt Zacian and you beat him
  • Then you catch Zamazenta and Hop calms and catches Zacian

Of course there could be more to this, but as it stands no further details have been revealed.

Is the dream of Kalos in Pokemon Sword and Shield over?

What about the Kalos region?

There have been plenty of rumors in the build up, with some them of suggesting a return to the Kalos region. However, according to this particular leak, the setting of Pokemon X and Y won’t be part of the game.

This may come as a surprise to some given the nature of the initial Kalos rumors. A lot of details aligned to make a Kalos post-game sound very plausible and it even looked like Game Freak Director, Junichi Masuda, was teasing Kalos himself.


This doesn’t mean to say Kalos is out the question but it has certainly made it less likely.

It’s important to note that this leak, nor any of the others, has been confirmed. We can find out for ourselves on November 15 when Pokemon Sword and Shield is released worldwide.