Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leakers claims third Legendary will be featured in DLC

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet logo screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

As the release date for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet draws near, more info is being leaked including the details regarding the games’ third legendary and paid DLC.

So far, Game Freak has revealed the two box Legendaries for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Miraidon and Koraidon are multi-form Pokemon that accompany the trainer on their journey across the Paldea region.

However, fans haven’t been given any information regarding the obligatory third Legendary Pokemon. While each Pokemon game has two main Legendaries, they always have a third Legendary that impact the game’s storyline (i.e. Zygarde, Eternatus, Necrozma).

These third Legendary Pokemon are usually concealed until the game’s release. In Pokemon Sword & Shield, for instance, Game Freak didn’t reveal Eternatus before launch. But it seems as if the third Legendary in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet won’t be in the game until the release of DLC.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet third legendary details

Notable Pokemon leaker Riddler_Khu has been provided cryptic leaks for the past few mainline Pokemon games making them a figurehead in the community. And while their tweets aren’t always the easiest to decipher, they recently provided some information regarding Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s third Legendary and DLC.

A translator known as PokeSuutamie on Twitter recently posted a translation of one of a leaker names K’s recent leaks. It read, “Regarding a third legendary The details are undecided Maybe in dlc….” Riddler_Khu quote retweeted this and stated, “Explains the face on the base of Terra ornaments.”

This led to a group of leakers known as CentroLeaks explaining the new information and sharing up-close images of the Terastal crown. They stated, “The third legendary and it’s story will be saved for the DLC, so it seems like the base game may not fully explain the Terastal phenomenon.”

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While all of this information is speculative, there seems to be a consensus among the most notable leakers.

Story-based DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet seems to be in the cards, and the third Legendary won’t be in the game at launch.