Pokemon player wows community with rare "King of the Lake" catch - Dexerto

Pokemon player wows community with rare “King of the Lake” catch

Published: 9/May/2020 1:50

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player left the community in awe after they managed to catch a monster in Diamond and Pearl that has even has rarer odds than a Shiny.

While most Pokemon Trainers aspire to fill up their Pokedex with each release, veterans of the RPG will go to the ends of the earth to capture “Shiny” variations of their favorite monster.

One player wowed the community when they showed off one of their rarest catches yet. The fan caught the “King of the Lake” – a  unique monster that has some pretty crazy odds.

Game Freak / Nintendo
The legendary “King of the Lake” can be found in the 2008 Pokemon Platinum.

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Pokemon player shows off “King of the Lake”

Redditor ‘FrostyLucian’ showed off their catch on May 2. The title of his post read “I caught the King of the Lake, the most unique Pokemon ever, even rarer than gen 2-5 Shiny odds.”


The Trainer went on to explain that the rare catch is in the Diamond and Pearl series, and is mentioned by an NPC in the Resort Area. The creature it turns out, is a completely unremarkable level 100 Magikarp – which means it can’t evolve into a Gyarados.

Despite the rare catch being the lackluster fish, FrostyLucian admired the monster for its interesting story. “It is the most unique hunt I’ve had in Pokemon, ever, and I don’t regret it one bit, as it is definitely the most hilarious Pokemon I’ve had! It has lower odds of appearing than a Shiny in the game, as it is an encounter that happens once in 10000 encounters,” they wrote.


Reddit: FrostyLucian
The Reddit user showed off his unique and extremely rare catch.

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Many players were impressed with his dedication, although some were let down that it wasn’t a Shiny version. However the Redditor explained that he plans on trying again for the rare variant.

“I’m disappointed it’s not as well. 🙁 i’ll be trying to get that next, when i get it i’ll post here, which would be in about 6 lifetimes. it has a whopping 1/80 million chance of appearing,” they replied.

The dedicated Trainer announced that he was going to try to find a Shiny version of the King of the Lake.

While a lofty goal, another user ’empurrfekt’ put things into perspective. Doing the math, the Pokemon fan exclaimed that it would take “almost 26 years. And you’d still have a better than 1/3 chance of not getting a shiny.”


Reddit: empurrfekt
The math on the insane odds of catching a rarer version of the fish.

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The rare oddity might not be the most popular or well sought-after monster, but it’s rare nonetheless. While it’s been known for years, it’s gone under the radar for many players.

Pokemon Diamond originally made its debut on the Nintendo DS in 2006. Two years later, fans were treated to the extended third title Platinum. Despite releasing over 13 years ago, the games are still a fan favorite.