Pokemon Legends Arceus player’s Shiny spawn sabotaged by glitch

Pokemon Legends Arceus protagonist shocked screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Legends Arceus player was left stunned after a rare Shiny Pokemon spawned in the worst place imaginable. 

Ever since its introduction as a mechanic in 1999’s Gold & Silver, Shiny Pokemon have become every Trainer’s obsession whenever Game Freak releases a new RPG. 

One player’s search for the rare variant in Pokemon Legends Arceus was brought to a halt when the ‘mon spawned inside of a rock instead.

Pokemon Legends Arceus player has Shiny Pokemon stuck in rock screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Legends Arceus player had a Shiny Pokemon glitch inside a boulder.

Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch breaks Shiny spawn

Over the years, the Pokemon community has seen its fair share of Shiny fails. Whether it’s Joy-Con drift selecting “run away” by accident or a Trainer misclicking and accidentally knocking a rare ‘mon out, we’ve seen it all.

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A fan playing Pokemon Legends Arceus got the worst luck ever, however, when a Shiny appeared in a Space-Time Distortion – except the ‘mon spawned directly into a boulder (ouch).

Twitch streamer VinnyInTheLab shared a video of the incident on Twitter and exclaimed, “This was a rollercoaster, one of the craziest things to happen to me in this game so far.” In the clip, a Shiny Drapion appears but is stuck inside of a rock. “No no no! Do you see this? This is crazy!” the streamer said in shock after seeing the glitch.

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Pokemon fans in their chat were shocked by the bizarre glitch as it appeared that it was impossible to catch Ground-type due to its broken spawn location.

VinnyInTheLab updated players and revealed that he was in fact able to eventually catch it. Despite it being stuck inside the boulder, the game still allowed him to battle the ‘mon.

While Poke Ball would normally bounce off the rock, the bug caused the item to clip through so that it could hit the character. After numerous attempts, the Trainer was eventually able to overcome the glitch and turn the Shiny fail into a success.

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