Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire players are loving this Groudon cosplay

Brianna Reeves
pokemon groudon cosplay

One fan’s Groudon cosplay at a Pokemon exhibition has turned a lot of heads since photos cropped up on the franchise’s Reddit page.

A fan-favorite Ground-Type Pokemon, Groudon’s history with the brand dates back to the Pokemon Adventures manga series. The creature has since appeared in anime and game adaptations, as well.

Groudon joined the gaming universe in the early 2000s, upon Nintendo’s release of Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire on the Game Boy Advance.

It’s clear the pocket monster’s popularity won’t soon wane, either. Despite its hulking size, cosplayers continue to find new ways of bringing Groudon to life.

Groudon cosplay excites Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire fans

Redditor blastoise_irl recently shared a few photos of the Groudon cosplay they wore to a Pokemon exhibition earlier in the year.

The massive plush-like costume has garnered quite a bit of attention on the Pokemon subreddit, amassing nearly 9,000 upvotes as of writing.

In response to comments from other users, blastoise_irl revealed the full costume design took them approximately one and a half years to complete.

Redditor users also pointed out how wholesome it is to see young kids flocking to the cosplayer in other photos. Blastoise_irl said that surprised them the most, given their expectation that kids would be “afraid” of the costume.

Pokemon faithful have much to look forward to in the months ahead. Most importantly, Game Freak and Nintendo plan on shipping Pokemon Scarlet and Violet later this fall on November 18.

As the first open-world role-playing titles in the gaming series, Scarlet and Violet should bring a lot of new experiences to the table.