Pokemon Go TOS update has players fearing for Pokemon Go Fest

Filip Krawanski
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Pokemon Go users are concerned about a clause in the new Terms of Service (TOS) update that has them worried about the quality of future events like the Pokemon Go Fest.

On May 8, Niantic updated Pokemon Go’s Terms of Services, including an entire subsection that has to do with event features and canceling events.

The “Event Features and Cancelation” section of the new TOS states that any activities, rewards, and content advertised as part of a given event are not guaranteed and the company reserves its right to cancel or withdraw any of those without any compensation to the user.

Furthermore, the event’s time and date can change at any time, and while Niantic will make an effort to notify you of this, they will not refund or recompensate players for any expenses.

Following this change, players have started worrying that this could mean that Pokemon Go’s events will go down in quality.

Pokemon Go trainers speculate about the future of game’s events

Reddit user BasilDeGrec posted screenshots of the new TOS’s aforementioned section on the Pokemon Go subreddit, prompting much speculation as to what this could mean for the future of the game.

“When no one can log in to the game during go fest they aren’t responsible and don’t have to give you your money back,” commented one user. To which another replied: “That’s customer service right there.”

“This sounds like the kind of clause that is added to protect them from legal liability in case things do not work as intended on GO fest,” speculates another player.

Some users believe Niantic is expecting some kind of specific problem to arise during the upcoming Go Fest.

“Y’know what I think, something might happen at the Pokemon Go Fest and they don’t want to be held liable if it happens,” states one such user.

It’s impossible to tell what was the intention behind the clause until a Nianatic representative speaks up about it. To read more about Niantic’s recent controversial decision, check out our coverage of Pokemon Go.

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