Pokemon Go: How to use the Fast Catch trick

Published: 23/May/2020 21:01

by Paul Cot


It won’t come as a surprise that Pokemon Go players spend a tremendous amount of time catching Pokemon. What may shock you though, is how much of that time is spent looking at the catch animation. The Fast Catch trick can solve this.

Clicking on the Pokemon, using berries, selecting your Pokeball, then lining up the throw and watching the catch animation – and that’s all to catch one Pokemon. You can skip the catch animation entirely, which by our estimations can save you up to 20 seconds (if you include appraisal and so forth).

In the long-term this will save an enormous amount of time. There’s more though, using the Fast Catch method will enable you to make the most of time limited events such as Community Days. That means more caught Pokemon and a greater chance at a Shiny.

A lot of catching Pokemon is waiting for the catch animation…

Skip the catch animation

Here’s how to skip the catch animation entirely. It may sound complicated at first but it’s actually very easy and will become second nature once it becomes habit.

Step 1

Firstly, encounter the Pokemon. On the screen where you attempt to capture it there are berry options on the left, choice of Pokeball on the right and the Pokeball you will use to catch it in the center.

With either hand, although it will be easier with your right hand, drag the Pokeball on on the right hand side slightly to the left. Previously you were able to drag it all the way to the left-hand side of the screen but it seems an update has now prevented this. This isn’t a problem though, but it does mean it’s a lot easier to use your left-hand to throw the PokeBall now.

Step 2

Without taking your right-hand off the moved PokeBall, use your left-hand to throw the PokeBall at the Pokemon. The capture sequence will now begin.

FLW VideosThe PokeBall on the right will come toward the center of the screen…

Ideally you’ll throw a Curved Throw to increase the chances of capture. If you want to learn more about maximizing your catch success rate, you can read Pokemon Go catch tips guide.

Step 3

Since you had your hand on the PokeBall, your PokeBall inventory will now appear. Don’t worry about that, as you have already thrown the ball.

Instead click anywhere on the top half of the screen, somewhere around the Pokemon, to remove this menu. Now, you can run from the battle, skipping the catch animation.

Step 4

Of course it isn’t guaranteed that you actually caught the Pokemon – after all, there is a good chance of failure with each throw, depending on varying factors including the level of Pokemon itself.

However, you can quickly check if you have by clicking on that same Pokemon in the overworld. If you have been successful it will come up with the message “The Pokemon couldn’t be found (25)”. If not, you’ll just enter the encounter again.

With these steps it does sound somewhat time consuming but as mentioned above it is a far quicker method that will save time in the long run if you persevere with it.

Some of you may want to appraise your Pokemon before transferring it, too. You can cycle through the IVs by swiping right and you’ll just need to take a mental note of any Pokemon you don’t want to include in the mass transfer ticking.

Even if you catch 100 Pokemon a month then that would be saving nearly 17 minutes, so try it out!


10 Pokemon that players refuse to catch in Pokemon Go

Published: 1/Dec/2020 15:20

by Daniel Megarry


With four years since Pokemon Go released, gamers have had more than enough time to decide which Pokemon they love and which ones they hate – and there are some very strong opinions out there.

While players of Nintendo’s popular mobile game can probably all agree that stumbling across another Pidgey isn’t exactly the most thrilling encounter, there are some more unexpected choices that fans will do their best to avoid.

Despite the franchise’s Gotta Catch ‘Em All slogan, a recent thread on the Pokemon GO subreddit saw players share the Pokemon that they absolutely refuse to catch. The answers range from the “annoying bird” Murkrow to the “piece of garbage” Sunkern (ouch). User octropos sparked the debate and it’s fair to say some are unequivocal about their picks.

Check out 10 of the most disliked Pokemon in Pokemon Go below.


Bidoof Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Bidoof may be cute but fans don’t rate it

Bidoof is one of the cutest Pokemon of all time, but not everyone is a fan. “For me it’s Bidoof,” wrote Reddit user octropos. “I can’t stand the noise it makes and I hate how stupid it looks.”

Poor Bidoof.


Cherrim in Pokemon GO
The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Go players aren’t sure Cherrim is worth the effort

Reddit user 47Dud3_ questioned the high frustration level of catching Cherrim when there isn’t much reward for doing so.

“They are annoying to catch because they even break out sometimes with a Golden Razz/Ultra Ball,” they complained. “Plus they can’t be shiny and have no meta relevance whatsoever. Gosh, I hate them so much.”


Zubat in Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Zubat definitely isn’t anyone’s favorite Pokemon

Zubat has largely been considered a filler Pokemon since the very first game dropped on the Gameboy back in 1996, and its reputation hasn’t been much different in Pokemon Go.

“I leave rocket battles when Zubat is gonna be the reward if I can avoid it,” admitted Reddit user immarlondait. “I can’t seem to hit it consistently and I’m too lazy to bring up the nanab berry to keep it still.”


sunkern in pokemon go
The Pokemon Company
One Pokemon Go player called Sunkern a “piece of garbage”

The tiny Grass-type Sunkern is another Pokemon that hasn’t proven popular with players, and when compared to some of the most impressive and imposing creatures in the game, it’s not hard to see why.

“I was unlucky enough (in my opinion) to get a four-star Sunkern and I despise the little piece of garbage,” wrote Reddit user hitchicker42, while octropos joked, “that will be pokemon that would end up being eaten.”


Murkrow in Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Murkrow is another Pokemon that doesn’t have many fans

Murkrow was bitterly reduced to the title of “the annoying bird” by Reddit user extreme39speed.

“I don’t care that I’ll never get its shiny,” they wrote. “I’ll get the delinquent medal platinum some other way. Cause since I got it gold, I steer away from the annoying bird.”


Exeggcute Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Exeggutor may be powerful, but Exeggcute doesn’t get much love

Exeggutor may be considered a powerful Pokemon in the game, but for some players, having to catch an Exeggcute and put the work in to evolve it almost isn’t worth the effort.

“Freaking Exeggcute. I hate how big it is and how little its catch circle is,” wrote Reddit user TheRobotYoshi. “I caught just enough to get a good Exeggutor and then I was done catching them forever.”


Gulpin in Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Gulpin has been called “awful” by some players

The bizarre-looking Gulpin hasn’t received much love from players, with one calling it “so awful” and questioning how it was approved for the game.

“A couple [of] months back that’s all that was spawning for me. Hated. Every. Single. One,” Reddit user HiFraaands wrote. “Even worse I got a Hundo Gulpin. Great.”


Yanma in Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Yanma has been criticized for being too hard to catch

Bug and Flying-type Yanma has been criticized for being hard to catch by Reddit user Crafty_Leo, who wrote: “Yanma can not just stand still. Every time I throw a ball it’s either zooming around the screen or attacking me.”


Nosepass Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans just don’t seem to like Nosepass

Nosepass has faced negativity from a number of players. Most of them didn’t give a reason, they just don’t like it. And that’s okay.

“My first red seal Pokemon was a Nosepass,” wrote Reddit user octropos. “Like, seriously? Out of all the Pokemon…”


Castform in Pokemon GO
The Pokemon Company
Castform has been cast aside by most Pokemon Go players

The Normal-type Castform is certainly a unique looking Pokemon, but that hasn’t won any favors with players, who aren’t quite sure what the point of having them around is.

“I wish they would evolve or something,” wrote Reddit user octropos. “They’re just so… whatever?”

You can follow the latest Pokemon Go leaks, updates, and new gen additions over on our Pokemon Go page.