Pokemon Go catch tips - Odds of capture based on ball, throw, accuracy and berries

by Paul Cot


The core premise of Pokemon Go is to catch Pokemon, so you might as well give yourself the best chance of capture.


How you throw Pokeballs determines the likelihood of the capture. Different Pokemon will be harder to catch than others depending on their strength and rarity.

What is consistent though, is certain types of throws, how accurate they are, the ball you use and the use of berries, all to increase a player's chances of netting a Pokemon.

Let's go through how each of these affect the odds of capturing a Pokemon. All of the below odds are in comparison to using a Pokeball with a straight throw and no accuracy bonus.


Type of throw

There are two ways to throw a Pokeball which will produce one of four different levels of accuracy. Firstly, you can throw a straight ball or a curveball - the latter is slightly harder to pull off but is rewarded with a higher success rate of capture.

  • Curveball: 1.7x - 70% increase



Accuracy multiplier

Depending on the accuracy and timing, each throw will either be Normal, Nice, Great or Excellent. Each of these increasingly add to the chance of capture. The improved odds of these are as follows but actually depend on the radius of the circle and are therefore a range:

  • Nice throw: 1x to 1.3x - 0% to 30% increase
  • Great throw: 1.3x to 1.7x - 30% to 70% increase
  • Excellent throw: 1.7x to 2x - 70% to 100% increase


Pokeball changes the odds

There's a reason a Great and Ultra Ball are called as such. The increased odds are fairly significant too:

  • Great Ball: 1.5x - 50% increase
  • Ultra Ball: 1.5x to 2x - 50% to 100% increase

Use Berries for an extra boost

Much like Pokeballs, using Berries is another way to increase the odds by simply flicking the screen. There are two types of Berries that will boost your chances of capture - Razz Berry and Golden Razz Berry - the odds are as follows:

  • Razz Berry: 1.5x - 50% increase
  • Golden Razz Berry: 2.5x - 150% increase

Ultra Balls are twice as likely to capture a Pokemon as standard Pokeballs.


What does this all mean?

All of these factors can be combined to significantly increase your chances of capturing a given Pokemon. The likes of Pidgey and Rattata can often be caught by simply throwing a normal Pokeball but encounters with legendary Pokemon warrant taking the time to make your throw accurate, using an Ultra Ball and/or some form of berry.

If we give throwing a normal Pokeball, thrown in a straight line without the use of berries or any accuracy bonuses, an index number 1 then we can compare it to various other combinations.

The easiest way to increase your odds every throw is using a curveball. It isn't a difficult skill to master and when you have done it enough times, it will become second nature.

It also isn't difficult to consistently hit nice and great throws while doing it. For the sake of this example though, we'll use a nice throw. Additionally, we'll throw in the use of a Great Ball. These will combine to give you a 3.31x (221%) higher chance of capture - which already shows you the importance of multipliers.

If we put absolutely everything in our favor - the use of an Ultra Ball, curveball throw, Golden Razz Berry and Excellent accuracy - then this will give you 14.45x chance of success, which equates to 1345%.

Berries, especially of the golden variety and higher level Pokeballs can be a scarce resource in Pokemon Go, so use them accordingly. Throwing a curveball and doing so accurately are two things that can be done every throw, though.