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Pokemon Go Seedot Community Day is live – All the details

Published: 24/May/2020 4:45 Updated: 24/May/2020 4:48

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go Community Days are back up and running with Seedot as the May headliner.

Once again, we’re getting the special ‘play at home’ edition of the Community Day, which was first seen April. May’s Community Day will take place on Sunday, May 24, 11am to 5pm in your local time.

Before the world changed, trainers would have a calculated guess as to what the headliner may be. After some major disruption to the Pokemon Go schedule those predictions have dried up.

Odd months – i.e. March, May, etc – had previously been reserved for starter Pokemon. That pattern appears to have been thrown out the window as Seedot gets the headlining spot.

While Seedot is a popular Pokemon, they will be caught in order to get Shiftry, which of course evolves from Nuzleaf.

Bullet Seed

Bullet Seed will be Shiftry’s exclusive move for the Seedot Community Day. If you evolve Nuzleaf anytime during the Community Day or before two hours after it finishes, you will get the exclusive move automatically.

Interestingly the exclusive move is another Fast Move – as was last months. Typically they have been Charge moves.

Seedot Pokemon Go
Seedot was introduced to the world of Pokemon in the Hoenn region…

GO Battle League

While by no means a world beater, Shiftry is an effective choice in either the Great or Ultra League section of GO Battle League. It’s maximum CP of 2,333 means it just can’t keep up the elite tier of Master League, however.

Leaf Blade and Foul Play are its best Charge Move options with trainers differing between Snarl and Razor Leaf for its Fast Move. Razor Leaf is the most powerful Fast Move in all of Pokemon Go but, unsurprisingly, it has poor energy generation to compensate.

Meanwhile, the dark-type move Snarl has the opposite – terrible damage but excellent energy generation. This brings Leaf Blade and Foul Play into play, unlike Razor Leaf which is used for its, hopefully, grass-type supremacy.

However, with the addition of Bullet Seed, trainers now have a grass-type option which provide energy. Bullet Seed has the exact same stats as Snarl except, obviously, it is a grass-type move.

In terms of stats, attack is Shiftry’s strength. Usually defense and stamina tend to go hand and hand, but the Wicked Pokemon has good stamina yet poor defense. This is far from ideal for GO Battle League but due to its relatively decent stamina it remains an effective option.

Find Seedot between 323 and 384 CP to get a Shiftry around the 1,500 Great League limit mark. You won’t need to worry about over stepping the Ultra League limit because Shiftry can’t get above 2,500 CP.

Seeing Double

As seen last month, there is paid-for ($1) special research to accompany this Community Day. It is called Seeing Double.

The full list of tasks and rewards can be found here. To summarize the rewards though, they are as follows:

  • 10 PokeBalls
  • 60 Seedot Candy
  • 2 Seedot encounters
  • 1 Nuzleaf encounter
  • 1 Shiftry encounter
  • 4,000 XP
  • 8,000 Stardust
  • 5x Golden Razz Berry
  • 5x Silver Pinap Berry
  • 3x Incense
  • 3 Rare Candy
  • 1 Poffin
  • 1 Rocket Radar

That’s a lot of rewards for just 1$! It looks this type of special research could become a permanent fixture in Pokemon Go Community Days. And, as with every Community Day, Shiny Seedot will be available.


Pokemon Go teaser trailer reveals new raid boss is coming soon

Published: 30/Nov/2020 1:47

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Niantic posted a series of teaser trailers on social media, which strongly hinted a new Pokémon Go raid boss is coming soon, and players have more or less figured out what it might be.

Pokemon Go is still jam-packed with things to do after all these years. However, Pokemon Go players love teaming up and taking on raid bosses. It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in the game.

A limited number of Pokemon can be raid bosses at any given time, and the roster is always changing. It helps keep the battles fresh and gives Pokemon Go players something to look forward to.

In their typical playful fashion, Niantic has been dropping a series of hints for an upcoming raid boss on social media, and it’s generated a lot of hype. Here’s everything we know so far, including a dead giveaway.

Pokemon Go Raid Boss Leak
Pokemon Go raids allow players to test their mettle against some extremely powerful Pokemon.

Niantic released the first teaser trailer on November 29. “Ah, what’s this? We’ve just received a message,” they wrote. “Stay tuned as we investigate.”

The 20-second clip shows a raid boss icon sitting on top of a platform. It also started a six-hour countdown timer.

No less than six hours later, they posted a second clip. This one had a pink egg in place of the raid boss icon, which is the color that hatches into a Tier 1 raid boss. It also started a new 44-hour countdown timer.

“Another incoming message!” they wrote. “Trainers, it looks like we’ve stumbled upon some mysterious Raid Eggs. Can you help us make sense of all this?” It didn’t take the Pokemon Go community long to figure something out.

Pokemon Go players believe the clip is alluding to a one-star raid boss hatching from an egg mentioned in a previous blog post. They also guessed it could hatch into Kecleon, Scatterbug, or Rotoms.

However, Niantic released a third teaser several hours later. It contained the biggest hint yet and more or less confirmed what the raid boss will be. “Just in—a new message. What do you think it means?” they wrote.

The third clip looks similar to the second one. However, it now includes a small airplane flying around in the background with a flag attached.

The flag has the number 677 written on it, which also happens to be the Pokédex number for Espurr, a Psychic Pokemon from Generation 6.

It’s a strong indication Espurr will be the next raid boss. Still, Pokemon Go fans are eagerly awaiting the next hint, which will probably confirm it once and for all.