Pokemon Go players slam Enamorus Raid times: “Stupidest idea ever”

Jessica Filby
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Pokemon Go players are increasingly frustrated with the upcoming Enamorus Elite Raid times, with some labeling it the “Stupidest idea ever” and calling for change in the future.

The month of love is here, and with it comes the classic love Pokemon, Enamorus. However, instead of being able to grab it through Pokemon Go Research tasks, you’ll need to defeat it in a tricky Elite Raid. While the raid itself is hard enough, players will also have to contend with the shorter time limit, as Enamorus will only be available in Raids for one day.

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With that in mind, Pokemon Go players are now slamming Niantic for the Elite Raid times, with many highlighting how they’re not going to be able to take part in the event and will miss out on the Pokemon entirely.

Pokemon Go players call for change to “stupid” Enamorus Raid times

Sharing their frustration on Reddit, one user attached an image of the upcoming Elite Raid, which displays Enamorus being available in Raids between 12:00 PM and 6:30 PM on February 14.

“Come on Niantic, I’m not going to be able to participate in this, I’ll be working because I have a job like most people” added the Pokemon Go player, questioning why the times would end when most finish work, especially given it’s a weekday.

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There are a fair few events that take place during the week when many players would be working, but many fans don’t find an issue with those, as they can enter the Raids remotely or catch Pokemon from their workplace.

But, this Elite Raid must be done in person, eliminating many fans who can’t get to the raid on their lunch break or after work.

“Specific timed raids like this is one of the worst ideas they’ve had” commented one Pokemon Go player, going on to say how the idea is “so utterly impractical and needlessly restrictive. It doesn’t benefit players in any way whatsoever.”

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For many, Raids are a thrilling aspect of the game, and allow some Pokemon battles, like the mainline games. However, timing this feature implements a sense of urgency, and if your schedule doesn’t work around the event, then you miss out entirely.

One player revealed an idea for how Niantic could change the format of these timed challenges: “Niantic really needs to listen and create events that run for 1 week but you pick a day and/or time frame.”

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Whether anything will change with Elite Raids is yet to be seen, but it’s clear the community is far from loving this Valentine’s Day.

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