Pokemon Go players expose ‘edit abuse’ as street has insane amount of Gyms

pokemon go gymNiantic

Niantic has been urged to look into a case of ‘edit abuse’ in Pokemon Go, after one player found the craziest looking street with an insane amount of Gyms.

The game’s developers have cracked down on edit abuse in recent times, which involves a member of the community using the ‘request a Pokestop’ feature.

By filling in the form and then using Wayfarer to approve the edit using a different account multiple times, this can push new Gyms close together.

This example appears to be a result of old editing, as Niantic has made it significantly more difficult to do these days.

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Pokemon Go edit abuse discovered in hectic street

The discovery was made by Reddit user Sogy11 on August 29, posting: “I see your busy street, and I raise… Whatever this conga line of Gyms is.”

A screenshot shows at least 15 Gyms in a row when really they should be spread across a larger area of land, as seen in some larger cities.

Now, this gives significant advantages to local players in the way of rewards. Owning a Gym for a period of time leads to Pokecoins, items, and extra Pokeballs in Raids, all of which would usually be obtainable by traveling to a location to conquer and defend a Gym.

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If you live on this street, though, you need not worry about making your way to a battle arena in a different part of town. It is a goldmine.

In the comments, one player urged Niantic to look into it, which was met by clarification from other users. A fan replied: “This is the result of old edit abuse. It is not possible to do this without cheating.”

“It is blatant edit abuse. No one should have had this,” another said.

A third user said: “As a rural player this makes me cry,” citing problems with rural areas not having enough Pokestops or Gyms of their own.

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The Redditor confirmed that the street was found in Barcelona, Spain, and each Gym was attached to a different part of a wall in a pedestrian area. Whether or not this will be tracked and altered by developers remains to be seen, though one thing is for certain… Team Mystic are cleaning up in this part of town.