Pokemon Go players convinced Showcase feature works remotely

Philip Trahan
pokemon go showcase header

Pokemon Go’s new Showcase feature has finally been rolled out to all players and fans are convinced they work remotely.

After months of beta testing, Pokemon Go’s new Showcase feature has finally been officially released for players around the world.

For those who may not know, Pokemon Showcases allow trainers to submit their Pokemon to compete in contests against one another. These contests could be centered around the biggest Pokemon, the smallest Pokemon, or a variety of other different categories.

Upon release, some trainers are convinced that this new feature allows players to freely play remotely, though not everyone in the community seems to agree.

Pokemon Go trainers confused over remote Showcases

Hours after the feature was fully introduced into the game, trainers took to social media to talk about these new Pokemon contests.

As Showcases are only available in certain PokeStops, trainers usually have to be close to a Stop to submit their Pokemon and compete. However, some fans stumbled upon ways to remotely submit their Pokemon to nearby Showcases.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few conflicting accounts in the comments, with some claiming it was impossible to remotely submit Pokemon, while others claimed it worked for them.

One trainer said, “You can enter remotely and change the Pokémon remotely. I’ve done both with the PokeStop near me that I can see but most definitely not spin from home.” However, another fan shared screenshots proving they weren’t given the option to remotely submit a Pokemon in a very similar situation to the OP.

Pokemon Go trainers have found other Showcase bugs, like remotely submitted Pokemon disappearing altogether, Showcase PokeStops not appearing for some altogether, and more.

While it’s still a bit unclear what’s actually going on with this remote Showcase situation, it appears it’s likely still a bit buggy after launch. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Niantic release a patch shortly to iron out some of these Showcase-related glitches soon.

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