Pokemon Go players confused by ‘useless junk’ brought to them by Buddy Pokemon

pokemon go lilipup junkThe Pokemon Company / Niantic

Pokemon Go players wonder what to do with the ‘useless junk’ they get from their chosen Buddy Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has a handful of obscure features that some dedicated players never really explore too much.

In fact, Pokemon Go’s Buddy system, which lets players travel with their favorite partner Pokemon, houses one of those obscure features.

Now, some players discovered the Buddy Souvenir feature, which left them confused as to what to do with the random items that their buddies left for them.

Pokemon Go players confused Buddy Souvenirs

Pokemon Go Buddy AdventuresNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Traveling around with your Buddy is a great way to show some affection for your favorite partner in Pokemon Go.

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit gained traction after one player asked a simple question: What can you actually do with the random Souvenirs your buddy Pokemon brings you?

The confused trainer attached a photo of six different souvenirs brought to them, including a Small Bouquet, a Marble, and a Stretchy Spring.

There were a handful of trainers who were also confused by the image, like user loudgayamerica who admitted, “I… have never seen this section of the app.”

“What are they? Where are they from? How [do] you view these,” asked user DeadmanDT, who was also baffled by the feature they’d never stumbled across before.

Others knew about the screen but simply forgot about it as the Buddy Souvenirs don’t serve any direct gameplay purpose.

“No – I completely forgot these existed lol, they seriously need to upgrade them BIG time, so many possibilities for souvenirs from main games/animé,” said user strom_z.

While some players responded with simple and straightforward answers, being that the Buddy Souvenirs are just for fun and don’t really do anything at all, others saw an opportunity to have some fun with the befuddled trainer.

“Cherish them you ungrateful swine,” said user Knoxex. “You can wear the earrings you find,” said theriskguy, who likely knows that you, in fact, cannot wear the earrings you find.

Additionally, absurdcreatures suggested Niantic could “make these NFTs that we can sell or transfer.”

Regardless, Buddy Souvenirs are really just extra collectibles so, for now, players can simply admire the little trinkets their beloved Buddy Pokemon brings them.