Pokemon Go players call for one “well overdue” UI feature to make its debut

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Pokemon Go fans want to see one helpful UI feature surrounding the game’s CP system make its long-awaited debut.

While the mobile game Pokemon Go draws many inspirations from the mainline series of games, it has its own spin on a variety of mechanics that make it unique.

One of those mechanics is the CP, or Company Power, system. CP is a number value meant to easily convey just how strong a given Pokemon is, based on things like IVs, overall level, and stats.

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However, some fans think one helpful UI update surrounding the CP system is “well overdue,” and would make it much easier to see a Pokemon’s overall progress.

Pokemon Go fans want to see one UI feature’s debut

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit sparked a discussion among the community with a thread titled, “Segmented power-up bar well overdue.”

The OP said, “We know that Niantic / Pokemon Co. don’t want to show a Pokemon’s level as a number. However, they could use the same technique that they reluctantly used for IVs, years ago, i.e. they could divide up the semicircular power-up bar into 10 segments.”

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For those who may not know, they are referring to the white, semicircle bar located behind a Pokemon on the info screen. This bar denotes the CP range and cap for that specific Pokemon’s species and is raised once the Pokemon is trained.

The trainer went on to explain why the UI change is needed and said, “Expecting a continuous bar to be assessed by eye when it doesn’t even have constant scaling over its length is determinedly unhelpful.”

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Many fans agreed that some form of level indication at the very least would be very helpful. “Not that I disagree, I think a simply visible level would be much better,” said one trainer.

Another guessed as to why the feature may be a bit trickier to implement. “Unlike IVs I think the main thing holding them back is that the [percent] to ‘max’ level changes depending on trainer level. In contrast, IVs don’t change even if you level up.”

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Considering how many key factors are determined by a Pokemon’s base ‘level’ it would certainly be helpful to see where some Pokemon Go monsters stand with a simple UI change.

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