Pokemon Go player stopped by police after scanning Pokestops at local park

Pokemon go officers firedPokemon/Pixabay

A Pokemon Go player was left feeling embarrassed after they were stopped by police officers after scanning Pokestops in their local park during the recent Team Go Rocket event.

Back in December 2021, Pokemon Go launched the ability to power up Pokestops and gyms around the world by scanning their surroundings. In return, players can earn more items from the stop.

However, trainers have reported a variety of horror stories including being ambushed by strangers and even being assaulted for taking over a gym.

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It doesn’t seem like it’s ending anytime soon either, as yet another trainer has shared their recent police interaction after scanning Pokestops at the local park.

Pokemon Go trainer stopped by police after scanning Pokestops

On November 16, Reddit user p4755166 revealed that they were embarrassed after they were approached by two police officers while taking a break after scanning Pokestops around their local park.

In the post, they revealed that they were “super pumped” about the ongoing Team Go Rocket takeover and their friend explained that if you scanned Pokestops, there would be better items dropped from it.

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After nearly two hours of doing so, they took a break on the park bench and were approached by two police cars.

“All of a sudden 2 cop cars pull up on me and tell me they have reports about suspicious activity for somebody in their 20’s taking videos at the park this afternoon. I guess it’s understandable,” they explained.

“So I sat there trying to explain to them I was playing Pokemon while people walked by, 1 of them being my neighbor. I was so ashamed and embarrassed. These 2 policemen looked in their early 40s, so they were understanding about the mechanics of the game.”

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Other players quickly flooded the comments with their own stories about having the police called on them, showing that it’s a far-too-common thing for most Pokemon Go players.

It’s clear that after this interaction, the Redditor is going to be a bit more hesitant when it comes to scanning Pokestops.