Pokemon Go player stabbed multiple times in vicious Texas park attack

Texas man stabbed playing pokemon goPixabay

Police are investigating after a Texas man was stabbed multiple times while playing Pokemon Go in a park.

San Antonio police are on the hunt for two suspects following the brutal stabbing of a Pokemon Go player that occurred around 1:45 in the morning on Saturday.

A report from KENS5 says that the victim was outside of an apartment complex at a park playing Pokemon when two men approached him and stabbed him multiple times in the upper torso.

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While the two suspects escaped on foot, the victim drove to his own apartment and proceeded to call for help.

Pokemon Go player stable after stabbing

According to KSAT news, he was transported to the San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical condition but underwent treatment and is stable.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon player was unable to provide a description of his attackers and despite searching for them, so far, police have been unable to locate the duo. It’s unclear if the assault was random or what weapon was used.

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Police are looking for the men who stabbed the Pokemon player.

The investigation remains ongoing as San Antonio cops continue their hunt find the suspects responsible for the stabbing, though thus far it seems like they have nothing to go off.

This is hardly the first time someone has been attacked while playing Pokemon. Earlier this year, a trainer was shot dead while out playing Pokemon Go with his six-year-old daughter.

There has also been an abundance of Pokemon card-related crimes so far in 2022 with one man being robbed at gunpoint and his expensive collection stolen.

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