Pokemon Go player showcases insanely lucky find in newly released Shadow Raid

Liam Ho
Shadow Raid MewTwo

A Pokemon Go player has shared their super lucky find in Shadow Raid after their recent launch.

Pokemon Go took the entire world by storm when it debuted back in 2016. The AR mobile game saw players take their phones through into unventured territory, all in the hopes of catching the rare Pokemon that lived there. The game was so popular that it created an entire trend of gamers leaving their home, just to play more Pokemon Go.

Since that time, Pokemon Go has declined in popularity, maintaining a pretty stable player base with frequent updates to keep them satiated. Developer Niantic has released content in the game in the form of events, with the most recent one being the launch of the Shadow Raids in-game.

Shadow Raids see Team Rocket taking over various gyms across the world with their Shadow Pokemon. Players can work together to take down these gyms and are awarded the chance to capture the elusive Shadow Pokemon if they’re victorious. It appears that one player, in particular, was rather lucky, and showcased their rare find after a Shadow Raid.

Pokemon Go player finds shiny shadow Beldum shortly after shadow raid launch

Reddit user DarthWidi showcased their lucky find via their post. Widi was fortunate enough to find a shiny shadow Beldum, right near the release of the Shadow Raids. For those unaware, Beldum is the previous evolution of Metagross, a decently strong Pokemon that’s a favorite for many fans.

According to Widi, Beldum raids are fairly common, meaning that those looking to grab candies for their Metagross shouldn’t have too difficult of a time.

However, finding a Shiny Beldum can be exceptionally rare, especially a shadow one so close after the release of the new shadow raids.

Looking to pick up that Shiny Beldum for yourself? Make sure to get out there and get into some gyms, as the shadow raid event will be leaving on the 28th May, 2023.

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