Pokemon Go player shares vital tip for Giratina Raid to get signature move

Kurt Perry
Giratina Origin Forme using an attack in Pokemon Movie 11.

A Pokemon Go player has shared a valuable tip for the Giratina Raid to help fellow trainers, and it led others to offer their thanks for saving them from potentially missing out on its signature move.

Pokemon Go features a variety of Raids that regularly rotate based on a predetermined schedule. Though mistakes sometimes see certain Raids leave early, players can typically plan around this.

On February 23, Giratina will be available in Raids with its Origin Forme making its first appearance of 2024. The Renegade Pokemon will appear in Raids after Heatran rotates out with the Fire-type later returning on February 26.

Given its iconic cult status, it’s no surprise that Pokemon Go players are eager to catch Giratina but those intending to get one could end up with a second-rate moveset unless they use this tip.

Giratina Raid trick guarantees powerful legacy move

Looking to spare their fellow trainers from missing out, one player instructed on Reddit, “Redeem Cresselia and Giratina research during raid hour to get their legacy move.”

Explaining why this is worth doing, they continued, “Just wanted to remind people of since grass knot and shadow force are really good moves,” with Shadow Force being Giratina’s signature move.

The Road to Sinnoh Raid Challenge Timed Research rewards the player with a Giratina encounter after beating six Raids. Ordinarily, this encounter gives a Giratina with Ominous Wind, but if completed during the Renegade Pokemon’s Raid Hour it will instead have Shadow Force, a significantly stronger Charged Attack.

Those who want to take advantage of this trick will need to redeem the Timed Research reward in Giratina’s Raid Hour on Friday, February 23 between 18:00 and 19:00 local time.

Thrilled to have avoided missing out on Shadow Force as well as Cresselia’s equivalent, several players praised OP commenting, “Thank you for this! You saved me an ETM!” and, “Oh, I thought GK Cresselia (and others) was guaranteed from that Research :o. Thanks for the heads-up!”

Those who have already redeemed their Timed Research reward can still get a Giratina with Shadow Force. However, they will need to defeat and catch an Origin Forme Giratina during its Raid Hour from one of the featured five-star Raids.

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