Pokemon Go player honors lost pet with Shiny Best Buddy

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Players often connect with the creatures they capture in Pokemon games as if they were their own pets. In this instance, one player honored their late golden retriever by becoming Best Buddies with a Shiny Poochyena.

Pokemon has always been about capturing monsters and battling against other trainers. However, some players are able to connect with the games beyond their surface elements.

Thanks to the ability to transfer Pokemon from previous games, some players take their favorite Pokemon from game to game. Others spend hundreds of hours in a single game with the same Pokemon and grow emotionally attached to their team.

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Regardless, Pokemon as a franchise allows players to connect with their virtual animals. Recent additions to the series, such as Pokemon Camp, even allow trainers to chill with their Pocket Monsters.

Trainer honors lost pet in Pokemon Go

shiny poochyena pokemon goNiantic
A Shiny Poochyena in Pokemon resembles a golden retriever.

One trainer in particular has connected with a Shiny Poochyena they received in Pokemon Go. Redditor ‘HankTheTank1449’ explained that his dog Roscoe passed away in November. His friend gave him a Shiny Poochyena to help keep the memory of Roscoe alive.

“We just became best buddies this morning,” stated HankTheTank. The Reddit post included a photo of Roscoe the Poochyena next to a photo of Roscoe golden retriever.

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Getting a Pokemon to Best Buddies status is no easy task, as it requires a lot of work on the trainer’s end. In total, players have to earn 300 hearts by feeding, walking, playing, and battling with their partner Pokemon.

According to the comments, Hank isn’t the only trainer that honors their lost pets through Pokemon. Others commented, “I named my shiny Arcanine after my boy that passed,” and “I always name my shiny Growlithes and Arcanine ‘Duke’ after my old pupper.”

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The comments were also filled with trainers crying over the wholesome nature of Hank’s post. For more heartwarming Pokemon stories, check out how one player managed to beat Diamond & Pearl with only a Bidoof.

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