Pokemon Go player creates animated loading screen trainers wish was real

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A Pokemon Go player has created an animated version of the in-game loading screen and fans love it.

Pokemon Go is one of those games that brings its fanbase together despite its expansive global reach. There is always love to share within the community, whether that be love for caught creatures and features from in-game or outside artistic fan creations.

When it comes to Pokemon Go, many players choose to express that love by making their own animations, clothes, paintings, or other such creative products. Other fans take positively to such original art, enjoying the various original depictions of their favorite Pokemon.

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A brilliant example of creative work based off of Pokemon Go with obvious love poured into it is making viral rounds on the internet. An artist decided to show off one of their original loading screen animations, and fellow players could not be more obsessed with the sheer talent.

Pokemon Go player animates loading screen and fans love it

A Pokemon Go player has put their artistic skills to good use by making an animated version of the in-game loading screen. They posted their creative project on Reddit, where other fans of the game quickly responded positively.

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The top comment on the artist’s post shows how well the original poster’s talent has translated into their work, reading, “Better than Niantic’s animations tbh, great work!” Other players chimed in underneath, responding directly to the commenter to agree.

One wrote, “Came here to say that!” In a similar positive light, others replied to the art, saying that it could pass as an official trailer for the game due to its high quality and the artist’s skill. Many wished to see something similar in Pokemon Go, writing things in response such as “Would love that to be what Niantic makes!”

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Other Redditors made light jokes to poke fun at the game itself, writing things like, “Can you include the loading bar freezing at 98%?” The artist replied to the humorous take, stating that they were “actually thinking of doing that but then decided to keep it simple instead.”

It is always great to see parts of the gaming community gather to uplift fellow fans, and the public reaction to this animation is the perfect example of such positivity. As one player put it, “I wish Niantic would hire more people like you… talented individuals who are also passionate about the franchise.”

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