List of Gen 4 Pokemon yet to be released in Pokemon Go

Niantic started releasing Gen 4 Pokemon in Pokemon Go back in October 2018. Here are the remaining Gen 4 Pokemon that have yet to be released.

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Which Gen 4 Pokemon haven’t been released?

So far 100 Gen 4 Pokemon have been released. These have be done over several waves from October, where 26 were released, to the latest February wave where another 15 were confirmed. Dialga and both forms of Giratina were both added to Pokemon Go in March.

After a lull in Gen 4 releases, the legendary lake guardians were added as well. On April 30, Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf were spawning across the world.

On May 17, Niantic released several new Pokemon which included Leafeon and Glaceon.

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The generation 4 Pokedex has a total of 107 Pokemon, which was first introduced in the Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games. Therefore, there are still 7 yet to be released. Several of these are the rarer-mythical Pokemon.

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Here is the full list of yet to be released Gen 4 Pokemon:

  • 479 – Rotom
  • 486 – Regigigas (coming soon)
  • 489 – Phione
  • 490 – Manaphy
  • 491 – Darkrai (coming soon)
  • 492 – Sahymin
  • 493 – Arceus

Dialga was made available in Pokemon Go in March 2019..
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When Will They Be Released?

One Pokemon Go trainer, Valkanes, offers their opinion on when to expect the remainder’s release.

Given Niantic’s current tendencies, there’s little doubt the remaining gen 4 Pokemon will come over several future events. Outside of this, there will likely be region-specific releases, similar to Solrock and Lunatone. Elsewhere, the mythical legendary Pokemon will probably be first introduced as raid bosses.

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For reference, the different Pokemon generations were released on the following dates:

  • Gen 1: Pokemon Go initial release July 2016
  • Gen 2: February 2017
  • Gen 3: December 2017
  • Gen 4: October 2018

Niantic have kept a busy schedule in 2019 so far. We expect to see the remaining Gen 4 Pokemon released over a few events in the Summer.

Despite there being still seven remaining Gen 4 species, the roll-out of Gen 5 Pokemon has already begun. The likes of Purrloin, Pidove and the starter Pokemon were the first to be released. There have even be three shiny forms released — Patrat, Lillipup and Klink.

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This page will be updated as and when the rest of the generation 4 Pokemon are released.

Last updated 09:47 EDT, October 15, 2019

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