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Pokemon Go Kanto Celebration event tasks: Timed Research guide & rewards

Published: 22/Feb/2021 10:38

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Go is running a Kanto Celebration event that features exclusive Timed Research and Field Research. Here’s how to complete them all, and the rewards they offer.

Following the ticketed Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event, Niantic have launched a free Kanto Celebration event that runs until Saturday, February 27, 2021, at 8 PM local time, giving everyone a chance to join in.

The event continues the celebration of the beloved region that first appeared in Red and Blue, Kanto, and offers a bunch of features including increased Gen 1 spawn rates, five-star raids with Mewtwo, and a Timed Research to complete.

Completing the Kanto Celebration event Timed Research will lead to encounters with a variety of popular Gen 1 Pokemon including Onix, Porygon, and Aerodactyl, and also reward players with various types of Mega Energy.


Pokemon GO Cliff Guide
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Completing Timed Research will unlock some great rewards and encounters.

Kanto Celebration Timed Research tasks and rewards

There are four sets of tasks to complete as part of the Timed Research in the Kanto Celebration event. You can see how to complete each task, as well as the rewards you’ll get once you do so, below:

Kanto Celebration Event Step 1

  • Power up Pokemon 5 times – Paras encounter
  • Transfer 6 Pokemon – Geodude encounter
  • Catch 20 Pokemon – Rhyhorn

Rewards: Onix encounter, 3 Razz Berries, 40 Venusaur Mega Energy

Kanto Celebration Event Step 2

  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts – Ekans encounter
  • Catch 2 Shadow Pokemon – Drowzee encounter
  • Catch 20 Pokemon – Koffing encounter

Rewards: Grimer encounter, 1000 XP, 40 Charizard Mega Energy

Kanto Celebration Event Step 3

  • Take a snapshot of a Water-type Pokemon – Staryu encounter
  • Catch 20 Water-type Pokemon – Shellder encounter
  • Catch 25 Pokemon – Tentacool encounter

Rewards: Omanyte encounter, 3 Pinap Berries, 40 Blastoise Mega Energy

Kanto Celebration Event Step 4

  • Power up Pokemon 10 times – Porygon encounter
  • Send 3 gifts to friends – Jynx encounter
  • Catch 25 Pokemon – Eevee encounter

Rewards: Aerodactyl encounter, 2500 XP, 1 Rare Candy

It’s worth pointing out that all of the original Kanto creatures can now appear in their Shiny forms, and there’s potential for all of these reward encounters to be Shiny, so it’s definitely worth putting in the time.


Pokemon Go Mega Energy
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Trainers will be rewarded with Mega Energy for completing Research tasks.

Kanto Celebration Field Research tasks and rewards

There are also a number of Field Research tasks that can be collected by spinning Pokestops during the Kanto Celebration event. You can see all the Field Research tasks and their rewards below:

  • Transfer 6 Pokemon reward – Magikarp encounter
  • Earn 3 hearts with your buddy reward – Clefairy or Jigglypuff encounter
  • Catch 3 Pokemon – Magnemite, Doduo or Diglett encounter
  • Win a raid – Snorlax encounter
  • Defeat 2 Team Go Rocket Grunts – Venonat, Zubat, Nidoran-m, or Nidoran-f encounter
  • Hatch an egg – Omanyte or Kabuto encounter

There are several Kanto-themed Collection Challenges running through the event, too, but trainers will need to have previously purchased a ticket to the Kanto Tour event for these to show up.

We’ve put together a guide to the free Kanto Celebration event which includes details of Legendary raids, the special Community Day moves you can learn, and increased spawn rates.