Pokemon Go glitch is making Buddy Pokemon ‘faint’ on long walks

Jacob Hale
Pokemon Go buddy falls over

A hilarious Pokemon Go glitch is showing how players’ Buddies are getting seriously fed up with long walks, even going so far as to ‘faint’ mid-journey.

Keeping a Buddy Pokemon with you is almost imperative to making the most of the experience. You can earn little rewards by travelling with them, pick up Candies to evolve them and more.

Normally, most players will make their Buddy a Pokemon that they really like, or need to earn Candies to evolve, especially prevalent with Pokemon such as Magikarp, Wailmer or Swablu.

Now, though, it looks like the game is becoming a little too realistic, with some Pokemon seemingly tired of being overworked.

Pokemon Go buddy Eevee
Pokemon Company
Travelling around with your Buddy is one of the best parts of playing.

While it may just be a visual bug of some sort, abhijoshi2008’s Azumarill looked stretched to its limits during a long walk.

“Azumarill doesn’t like long walks,” they said in a post on Reddit, with a picture of his ‘fainted’ Azumarill attached.

The Azumarill itself was laying face down a few steps behind abhijoshi, who said it just wouldn’t move after this, joking that it had “fainted” and was simply done with the journey they had embarked on.

How to fix the glitch

Clearly a lighthearted post, the Azumarill didn’t actually faint because it was on a long walk. It’s unclear what exactly caused it, but it’s simply a glitch that saw the Pokemon essentially stuck in place.

To get rid of the glitch, abhijoshi2008 said he simply had to restart the game, at which point things returned to normal.

So, if you get this glitch, don’t worry: your Buddy is absolutely fine, you’ll just need to give it a quick reboot!