Pokemon Go players think Diancie will be the focus of Go Fest 2023

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The artwork for Pokemon Go Fest 2023 has some fans convinced Diancie will be the Mythical Pokemon for the upcoming event.

Today, April 26, Pokemon Go fans were treated to official details about this year’s global festival and in-person gatherings.

Players can look forward to three different Pokemon Go Fest events, all of which will take place in August in the following cities – London, England, Osaka, Japan, and New York City, USA.

Information regarding the festival’s Mythical Pokemon has yet to surface at the time of writing. However, some people think they’ve already figured out which creature might sit front and center.

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Diancie could be the Mythical Pokemon for Pokemon Go Fest 2023

After closely examining the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 logo, Reddit user duskyxlops believes they’ve figured out who will constitute the event’s Mythical Pokemon.

The shining pink jewels adorning the logo’s yellow ribbon suggest Diancie could be the focus of this year’s festivities.

After all, the diamond embedded in the small pocket monster’s rocky bottom half is also colored pink. The Redditor highlighted as much in a comparison image linked below:

Other fans seem to agree that it’s possible Diancie will be the focus of Pokemon Go Fest 2023. “Would make sense. This thing has a mega, and the mega needs the shiny to be available,” one person wrote before adding that Niantic will need to introduce Diancie soon if the creature’s set to become a Mega.

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Someone else brought a theory of their own to the discourse by saying, “I feel like [Diancie] is going to be a one-and-done mythical like Mew, Celebi, etc with the mega energy included in the special research.” At present, Niantic’s official plans on this front remain a mystery.

Notably, Shaymin was the Mythical for last year’s Pokemon Go Fest. Trainers were, thus, tasked with conducting Special Research to uncover more details about the Mythical Pokemon and encountered Land Forme Shaymin while doing so.

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