Pokemon Go fans furious after Niantic announces paid PokeCoin Field Research

Philip Trahan
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The Pokemon Go community is not impressed with the new paid PokeCoin Field Research, with many calling the quest “underwhelming” at best.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed a new way for fans to get PokeCoins in the mobile game, but this latest endeavor has left fans fuming.

Starting on May 8, 2024, players can head to the in-game store to purchase a new $2 ticket called “Daily PokeCoin Field Research.”

After purchasing this ticket, trainers can complete daily tasks that reward 20 PokeCoins each day from May 16, 2024, through May 30, 2024. According to the in-game ticket, this will reward players with 280 PokeCoins in total.

Additionally, the ticket included the stipulation that players must have an open Field Research upon logging in.

The fan outcry for this ticket was swift, with some calling it “underwhelming” and others labeling it as a “joke.”

“So if I’m doing the math correctly, you’re basically getting 80 more coins than you would just buying two sets of 100 coins for $1.99? And you HAVE to be sure to log-in every day and finish the research? Seems underwhelming, yeah,” said one fan.

Players in other territories found the ticket even more unappealing thanks to the price difference in certain countries. For example, a Canadian player pointed out the ticket cost the equivalent of $3.13 after tax in their region.

Others took issue with the stipulation that trainers must have room to use the ticket, with some worried they’ll lose out on rewards if they’re not careful.

“The worst part about this is that you’re not even guaranteed the research. The whole ‘you must have room for the research on your first log in each day’ is so wrong for a PAID ticket,” argued one fan on TheSilphRoad subreddit.

Needless to say, the community’s reaction to the PokeCoin ticket has been quite negative. While the ticket is a completely optional purchase, the announcement has left some trainers worried this could set a bad precedent for Pokemon Go’s future.