Pokemon Go datamine reveals new Shadow Raids locked behind paid passes

Pokemon Go Shadow MewtwoNiantic

A Pokemon Go datamine indicates a new structure for Shadow Encounters players will be able to participate in. However, it seems there could be a pay-to-play aspect.

Pokemon Go players currently encounter Shadow Pokemon as rewards for battling Team Go Rocket. Knocking out Grunts causes common Pokemon to appear while knocking out Boss Giovanni often results in the chance to capture a powerful Legendary.

Shadow Pokemon are unique, as their Shadow status gives them a powerful attack boost. Meanwhile, purifying these rescued Pokemon Go companions can result in a substantial boost to CP and stats. These Pokemon are excellent for PvP in the Go Battle League or as partners for taking down powerful Raids.

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However, it seems a new structure for obtaining Shadow Pokemon could be just around the corner, as a recent datamine suggest a new Raid structure will feature the shadow mechanic.

Pokemon Go potentially adding Shadow Raids

In a Twitter post by PokeMiners, the datamine account shares an interesting breakdown of assets in the new 265 update. The post reads: “Our real-time is now starting. First up, there are new Shadow Raids. There are 5 levels, and there is a new raid ticket specifically for these new Shadow Raids. You get additional XP from these Shadow Raids and they appear to be remotable.”

While the news is exciting, offering another way to tackle raids – the news surrounding new Pokemon Go Raid Tickets isn’t as great.

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Players are weighing the pros and cons, with one commenting, “More money for Niantic” and another adding, “My only fear with this is you will have to buy separate passes to do them…”.

Others express concern for the functionality of the new raids, as there have been many issues with recent events, including connection problems during Go Tour: Hoenn and during the new Elite Raid events in March.

At this time, there has been no official confirmation that Shadow Raids will be coming to Pokemon Go, but more information will likely become available in the coming weeks.