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Bagon to headline the Pokemon Go April Community Day – Salamence’s exclusive move confirmed!

Published: 27/Mar/2019 21:20 Updated: 10/Apr/2019 19:23

by Paul Cot


Bagon has been confirmed as the headlining Pokemon for the Pokemon Go Community Day for April. The dragon-type Pokemon was one of the leading contenders to feature.

Update: Niantic have confirmed that outrage will be the exclusive move.

Bagon Community Day

Bagon was one of the favorites to be announced as the April headliner in Pokemon Go. The feeling and emotion Pokemon, Ralts, was considered the most likely, but it is Bagon which will feature.

Other contenders included Slakoth and Trapinch. The three which didn’t feature will likely be seen headlining a community day in the future.

Bagon was first seen in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It is the opportunity to get Salamence though, that is the real selling point of the April Community Day. Bagon evolves into Shelgon before its powerful aforementioned final form, Salamence.

The dual typed Salamence is a dragon/flying Pokemon which is useful against some of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It’s base attack stats are some of the best on the game.

Pokemon FandomSalamence is a sought after Pokemon in Pokemon Go…


To the surprise of nobody that has participated in community days before, there will once again be three-hour lures. This event will also see 3x catch XP.

Elsewhere, Salamence’s exclusive move has been confirmed as outrage. Evolve Shelgon during or one hour after the community day concludes to get the move.

The outrage move will be welcome addition to Salamence’s arsenal which now make it comparable to the hard hitting Dragonite.

Date and time

The turnaround from the previous community day to the April Community Day is a relatively short one. The event will take place on April 13, just three weeks after Treecko headlined.

The 3pm local start time was met with praise among the Pokemon Go Community. As a result it is no surprise to see the 3pm start time for the Bagon event.

Last updated 10th April, 2019


Why the latest Pokemon Master Collection leak is probably fake

Published: 23/Nov/2020 18:23

by Paul Cot


There have been rumors that a new Pokemon Master Collection game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2021. The latest leak showing a listing of the game is in all likelihood fake, though.

A reported screenshot of Pokemon Master Collection appeared on the Game UK website showing a template cover and a short description. It was even listed as £49.99 (around $60) to pre-order.

“This masterful collection includes three classics, Pokemon Red version, Pokemon Gold version and Pokemon Ruby version.” This is a red flag in itself as it is questionable why they’d release just these versions of each generation. Even if each generation was limited to just one game, the third instalment – Yellow, Crystal, etc – would make more sense.

Pokemon Master Collection GAME UK
Original source unknown
Pokemon Master Collection appeared on the Game UK website, or so it would seem…

The description goes on to talk about starting in Pallet Town although the listing fails to capitalize the P in Pallet Town. Mistakes like this can happen of course but it only further takes away from its already questionable credibility.

There’s then another error with the word “experience” being misspelled. What’s really strange is that even if this were definitely fake you’d think the person writing it would have taken the time to check their writing.

No evidence of the listing

These aren’t even the biggest giveaways of it being a fake, though. Renowned Pokemon trainer Joe Merrick checked Google cache for evidence on that specific page and was unable to find anything.

He also goes on to question whether the Pokemon Master Collection is real at all. “The master collection rumour also started after a Twitter account said people hosting on Mario All Stars would be grumpy with Pokémon. They have also since confirmed they meant the SWSH DLC retail bundle,” he shared on Twitter.

Unfortunately there is little evidence suggesting that this particular listing is real. However, that does not mean the Pokemon Master Collection game itself is fake.

At this stage we don’t know either way but hopefully we find out more information soon. 2021 is shaping up to be a huge year for the Pokemon as it is the 25th anniversary of the franchise.