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Pokemon • Mar 27, 2019

What does Diglett really look like? Pokemon Go Earth Day brings Shiny Diglett

What does Diglett really look like? Pokemon Go Earth Day brings Shiny Diglett

Niantic have confirmed they will be offering Pokemon Go based awards based on participation in their second annual Earth Day.


Pokemon Go Earth Day

The success of Niantic's first Earth Day has caused them to encourage more players to get involved this year. A total of 68 events lead to an incredible 6.5 tons of garbage being collected.

The 2018 Earth Day success also provided Pokemon Go related bonuses. The 4,200 trainers who attended resulted in grass, water and ground-type Pokemon spawning more frequently. There was also bonus stardust for capturing these types.


Niantic are hoping last year's total of 4,200 can be beaten. They are aiming for a total of 7,000 attendees which will unlock the highest tier Pokemon Go bonus.

Earth Day bonuses

The potential bonuses for the 2019 Earth Day are as follows:

  • 2,000 players: Increased appearances of Ground-type Pokemon
  • 5,000 players: Shiny Diglett AND increased ground-type spawns
  • 7,000 players: 2x stardust and candy for event spawns, Groudon appearing in raid battles, shiny Diglett AND increased ground-type spawns


Did Pokemon Mystery Dungeon reveal Diglett's secret all along?

What does Diglett look like?

One of the great Pokemon mysteries is what does Diglett look like? Diglett, and Dugtrio, always appear with their bottom half underground. Furthermore, in the few images where either of them appear above ground, mud or rock is still covering their bottom half.

That begs the question is there more to Diglett and Dugtrio than we know? The game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, does in fact reveal Diglett has feet. However, while that arguably proves Diglett does have feet, it doesn't show what they look like.

Theories have run wild as to what Diglett could look like with some bordering on ridiculous. They can be found with a simple Google search but a word of warning they may ruin Diglett for you!

Concept art of what Diglett could look like with its feet showing...

The most realistic is the most simple, however. The above concept art from yiyang1989 is likely close to how the Pokemon designers would have made Diglett themselves.

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