Pokemon fans want to ditch “gimmicky battle mechanics” in Gen 10 games

Cassidy Stephenson
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Pokemon fans want to “take a break” from battle mechanics such as Terastallizing for the Gen 10 games.

In the history of the franchise, Pokemon games have included various gimmicks to drastically change up battles. Examples of gimmicks Pokemon titles have introduced include Mega Evolutions, Z Moves, Dynamaxing, and the most recent being Terastallizing in Scarlet & Violet.

Terastallizing your Pokemon gives it a new elemental typing that boosts the power of the same type’s moves.

While certain battle mechanics can quickly put the battle in your favor, some players are unsure if they want the feature in the future Gen 10 titles.

Pokemon players don’t really want more battle gimmicks

Dynamax Raichu

On the Pokemon subreddit, a user explained how they don’t want the Generation 10 games to have “gimmicky battle mechanics.” “BDSP was a breath of fresh air even while being just a remake only due to the fact that there weren’t any “I win” buttons that changed the dynamic of the game within seconds,” the OP wrote.

The author continued by calling Terastallizing the “most balanced” out of the four available battle mechanics. However, they hoped for a “more simple” future Pokemon game with an “interesting” theme or story.

“It would be cool, but unrealistic,” one player remarked. “The problem is that since BDSP is rightfully trashed on, TPC may not think of doing any more normal Pokemon games anymore.”

“I never felt like the battle gimmicks ever needed to be there,” another fan said. “There was always something else they changed in the battle system that was substantial enough.” The player continued by citing the Fairy type, Sky Battles, Totem Battles, and several other combat mechanics.

“They will continue to include a new mechanic to drum up hype and interest in each subsequent main line game,” a third trainer suggested.

In addition to ditching battle gimmicks, check out our article to see why fans hope Generation 10 doesn’t have an open world.

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